Compact Double Door Fold & Go Pet Crate - 5 Sizes

I’m not sure if they’re exactly the same but I got a Pet Trex kennel on Amazon for about the same price as these a while back. I’m in need a replacement but I was hoping to find a better price here than this.

Disappointment setting in.

The divider is nice, because you can buy a bigger one, for your puppy and close it off, so it has less room, when the dog is still small, to help with house breaking.

Dogs don’t like to potty where they sleep.

This is a pretty good price, especially for the XL crates. I think each of ours ran about ~$90.

Trying to convince the girlfriend we need a Husky… May need to buy this to speed along the process…

And for those who wonder about the difference between a wire crate and a plastic kennel.

The wire crate lets the dog feel like they are less separated from everything, whereas the kennel supports more of the dog’s den instinct.

This design looks like an accident waiting to happen. The side panels are not like the doors and look like a collar could get hooked up on the bars very easily if a dog was active.

so… if i wanted to buy one for a cat/cats… small or medium?

That will probably be a must. Huskies get bored really easily, and when they get bored… they dig, chew, and generally eat your house.

I’m wondering if this will be strong enough to hold a Thurman. He’s eaten his way out of plastic cages, broken out of steel cages, and eaten a door handle or two…

Yea we discussed getting two dogs at the time so they could keep themselves company a bit and since I want a Husky and she wants a Boxer lol.

We have a standard poodle, 9 mos old in one of these crates. Whenever we leave the house when we come home he has escaped and all, or all but one of the locks remains locked. We have no idea how he manages it, and given that he is 70 lbs he is not a small dog.

I guess what I am saying is that is a decent crate but not enough if your dog is smart and determined.

You should always remove the dog’s collar when he is crated to avoid any problems.

I don’t know much about Huskies, other than the fact that they’re beautiful. My daughter has two rescue Boxers. They’re great dogs!
We have two rescue Schnauzers, also awesome!
Two dogs is definitely a great idea.

Never place a dog in a crate that is wearing a collar. That is basic 101 knowledge.

I have a 100lb German Shepherd. When we leave we have needed someplace to keep him - let he express his boredom on something valuable. First a plastic crate at 10 months. In 2 hours he chewed a 5" hole out of the side and got out. We tried this kennel… It kept him in for an hour before he managed to collapse the side and get out. The metal is very easily bent. We ended up with a solid side kennel (this has been retro-fit twice due to successful attempts, now held securely with steel zip ties and carabiners to keep the locks secure) - so If you are planning to keep an intelligent dog in this, it won’t hold him for long. A yorkie - yes. A dalmation (read: stupidest dog on earth) - yes. An Akita - No, and no GSD, ever.

You should always remove a dog’s collar before crating it anyway. A collar / tags can catch in any wire crate.

We’ve got a double door crate similar to this (Midwest Life Stages), and the only issues we’ve had with our GSD have been her propensity to knock down one of the walls to escape on occasion, and her most recent antics of knocking the tray out and digging on the carpet under her crate.

We use small carabiners to keep the sides from coming undone, and haven’t had a problem since. We also found the latch to hold the tray in place, and that’s prevented a repeat of the digging incident. Thankfully we already planned on replacing that carpet.

I’d just suggest if you’re getting a crate like this for your large breed dog, invest in a couple of carabiners to prevent escapes and make sure you lock down the tray.

Don’t know how I feel about the wall design on these, but our Midwest Life Stages XL crate was close to $90 as well.

Get one of each. We had a Husky mix and Boxer for about 10 years, they were great friends. The Boxer passed a few months back and our Husky still misses her buddy. They are both great dogs.