Compaq 2.66GHz Desktop System with 15” LCD Monitor


[imgleft][/imgleft]Welcome to the Compaq 2.66GHz Desktop System with 15” LCD Monitor topic page for Wednesday, July 13, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


All these pc’s being sold with monitors… How about we get some monitors sold separately, for those of us that already have way too many pcs laying around?


Those actually aren’t bad specs for a computer. Although it is from compaq . . . :-/


BOC pls



Have to love the new stats, woot so bad nobody has bought 7 min in!


Looks good with the hard drive and dvd drive. Most inexpensive systems aren’t quite so good.
but I did see a dell system today that can be configured about the same for about $40 less. but it doesn’t look quite the same as the compaq (no up front inputs and no speakers, and different software installed)


Wow this thing is getting hammered tonight!!

Nice woot 2!!


Kind of odd - that glitch on the BOC was really something. I thought we were on for tonight.


I guess if the servers are having issues right now, work out the bugs a bit more.

When that BOC nite comes up, that’ll be the true test.

Too bad the woot’s a compaq… Doesnt seem like a bad deal though for the money


Can’t wait to see how WootBot handles the next BOC… maybe a few of these CPUs thrown in to a server farm might help. Toss the monitors into the BOC. :slight_smile:




The celeron in that pc is supposed to be really good for overclocking… It’s almost cheap enough to rip it apart for the insides and toss the case with that annoying compaq label.


INWOOTPLETE ™ - The new site looks good, but still a few gremlins to kick out. I am sure it won’t take too long. Hopefully they will do a BOC to really iron out the bugs :wink:

Nice woot tonight though.

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Still getting hammered.

Hey… check the specs… I like the flat “pane” monitor :slight_smile: Hate those bubbled and curved ones in my doorway :wink:


Where’s the bag o crap?
Been hoping for it all night.
New server needed!


woot!, why must you tempt me?..I am looking at getting a computer, but this one just isn’t that impressive, no dvd rw, processor under 3ghz, only 256mb of ram. and only a 15 inch monitor…guess I’ll just keep waiting for a new computer.


I would probably get one if I didn’t just buy a laptop for college.


I guess, this wouldn’t be half bad just to upgrade


Yea wooooooooooooooooow… i seriously thought the delay was because of too many hits for the next BOC… well i’ll just have to woot for the BOC


Server is DYING. I mean, it’s just a Celeron D with a hard drive! It’s not that great of a deal!