Compaq 7 Port USB/Firewire Hub w/ AC Adapter 2-Pack



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Froogle Link Minimum Price $40.71

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $43.42

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $42.41

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 4.5/5 Stars


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Compaq 7 Port USB/Firewire Hub w/ AC Adapter 2-Pack
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Compaq 7 Port USB/Firewire Hub w/ AC Adapter - CPQUSBFW


still stuck with usb 1


Boo! Universal Pricing (for 1)…
SecretPrices … $17.39 (marketplace) / $44
Froogle … $40.81

PriceGrabber … $43.36

Some other 7-port USB hubs to browse starting at $9.99

Woot beats all pricing on this model, and offers 2… pretty sweet.


darn, i’m a mac.




Already have 8 USB ports now wtf does someone need more for ?


whoa… this is a rough one… i’m not even gonna try to take the time that’s demanded to find good links for this product… interest just insn’t there… but here’s one that IS useful…

Shopzilla’s List of 7 Port USB/Firewire Hubs… some of them mugs are as low as $13… no joke… that’s decent.


What? No Bag o’ crapola? Especially on Tuefers?

ANyways, AC Powered. I’m in for a set! USB hubs need AC power to plug in lots of stuff… With cables too!



thanks for answering my question even before i asked it i need 2.0 but a good deal otherwise


Wow, Firewire hubs are normally REALLY pricy.

What’s the catch? Does this one burst into flames or something?


Will this work on a MAC???


That’s so much USB goodness. Maybe a little too much. Should I be getting some of those USB hot plates/frivolous USB devices?


It is 2.0… read the description b4 posting…


This is a good price right? My local college bookstore is selling a 4-port USB 1 hub for around $30 each.


hmm, might be useful for my laptop to use kinda as a docking station for all of my USB devices…


It’s got firewire but it’s not Mac compatible… hahahah!!!

/doesn’t have a Mac


And you beat my answer. >_>


The hub for sale is USB2, I think the person you’re quoting meant they are stuck with USB 1.