Compaq Athlon 64 3800+ Media Center PC

Compaq Athlon 64 3800+ Media Center PC
$359.99+ $5 shipping

1 Compaq SR2030NX Athlon 64 3800+ Media Center PC

What timing! Right as the HDDVD key gets out, Woot says this

We have a similar rig at work in the test lab, it runs well enough. If you want a cheap pc and are afraid/loathe those over at the big D, might want to look into this.

Is this any good for a refurb? I need a new PC for work.

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Track Woot, Woot Track. Either way, a lot of good woot info.

There is some strange random hex on the site today. Don’t know where it came from.

We got the item about 15 minutes ago.
Track Woot - 15 minutes ahead of woot’s own servers.

<3 Woot. Can’t wait for my Screaming Monkeys!

The link to the comments page is broken and still I couldn’t get in here to be the first to post. Oh well.

Bought a few of the Compaq and HP refurbs elsewhere. The other models can take dual core AMD processors with the 939 slots. A cheap and effective way to boost the life of the pc. Unfortunately, this 2030’s motherboard can only take the AMD AM2 processor, which is a single core. It’s a great price for a single core motherboard.

Once you try dual core, you never look back!

not a bad price for a new machine. However, It is a refurb. 90 day warrenty. Dont need a desktop right now.

Bunch of links on Froogle for $319. Refurb.

If Fred Sanford were still around, he would have said to this computer what he always said to Esther:

“You UGLY”

It’s not really worth it without a screen. I bought a brand new one of these back in December with a 17" HP LCD display for $536 (including tax+shipping) from

Hm decent specs for a backup… but unknown motherboard! :frowning:

my exchange student has one of these things… they suck its not worth it

So I guess this thing doesn’t come with any S-Video outlet?

The motherboard used in this system is an ASUS A8M2N-LA This is a custom board made for HP/Compaq.

Thanks, that’s kind of what I thought, especially for a refurb. Probably if it was $100 less, I’d take a shot.

Dang, for a couple of minutes I thought it was deja vu all over again, but then I realized it is really the 2nd in Woot land. Last Blue Oyster Cult was on 4/1, if I recall correctly.

I had one Compaq. Back in like 1912. Worst piece of junk I’ve ever had. So slow. So slow to load. So fricking in capable of handling even the preloaded software, let alone the things I wanted to add to it. I vowed never to buy another Comcrap after that.

See you later.


Okay, okay. We know about the HD-DVD code. It doesn’t belong in the product thread, so please… take it elsewhere.

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