Compaq DC5750 Microtower PC

for all ya Windows XP lovers

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Compaq DC5750 Microtower PC, for $249.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Compaq DC5750 AMD Athlon, 80GB HDD, 1GB RAM, CDRW/DVD, XP Home

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Or rather, for you all ya Vista haters. I’ve no love for XP, but if I have to choose the instrument of my demise, I’ll take the slow reasonably stable torture of XP.

It’s NEW. Never you mind the fact that the hard drive is already over 5 years old.

XP > Vista every day and twice on Sundays… like your mom.

It’s a VERY good deal on this particular model… but a very crappy deal compared to other better/cheaper models out there.

tell that to the guy who just bought 3

I tried to get this config as close as I could on HP’s site and the system is $800

Looks like a HP but whats the difference?

HP and Compaq are the same company

well duh

3 year warranty? Is that a typo?

How would this perform doing MythTV?

Is a setup like this fast enough to do realtime HDTV recording and playback from a shift buffer with an ATSC tuner card?

Funny…just hours ago I decided that I want a PC that can go on the net, run some office programs with a printer and maybe a game of Unreal Tournament 2004, nothing fancy but functional and it has to be cheap…and here this woot comes along. Oh my god I’m that retired guy! Except I’m only 25…damn I feel old

So I’m honestly thinking about buying this, can anyone fill me in more about this model? Things like can I swap out the powersupply for a better one and can I install a SB Audigy card in there without problems? How about upgrading to Vista later in the years? $249 is not bad at all for a working PC.

I only wish it had a DVD burner not just a CD burner.

This is our previous model standard desktop at my company. Solid machine.

The onboard video has one Analog and one DVI-D connector, so you can do dual head without having to buy a secondary card.

Solid work machine.

From what it looks like on the hp website, this thing can use PCI-E x16.
If you look at the back (just click the picture on woot) it looks like they used a standard PS/PS mount.

Adding a PCI card shouldn’t be a problem, they probably just have that modem in there (throw that away if/when you get it)

For Vista, I would recommend at least 2GB of RAM (the very minimum!) Vista is a memory hog, and 1GB isn’t going to cut it. (RAM is pretty cheap nowadays, ~35-40 for 2GB of nice DDR-2 on newegg if you catch a sale)

This looks to be a great computer for just 250, for basic use. I’m not sure about how well the integrated graphics will handle media center duties, (probably ok if it can put out dual monitors) but just slap in a cheapie video card (low end ATI’s with HD in them are pretty good for HD stuff, takes care of all the decoding on the card)

CPU is decent, (I’ve got a 3800 X2 in mine, too bad it’s socket 939 T_T )


Overall, looks to be a pretty sweet deal if you are in the market for a general purpose computer. Throw some extra RAM in for Vista, and probably a cheap video card and some bigger hard drives if you’re looking for a media center type deal.

Sorry for the wall of text :confused:

DVD burners are cheap, check out newegg (~25-30)

My Wife & I just decided we needed to buy our kids (5 & 7) computers for their in-home school room… Nothing too fancy, that could go on the internet and play some nice games for fun time… We’ve looked around for a couple days.

We found several less powerful lease-return type systems on tiger—.com and compus–.com at about the same price. Add freight & tax, and they were going to be more for less…

Way to go woot…!! Not the best computer in the world but great for my kids at the right price for Dad…!!

Now we just need woot to put up the Netgear WiFi card up soon (are you reading o’ woot lurkers) and maybe a LCD monitor (for one of them) and we’ll be set for the kids for a few years…!!

We’re in for 2