Compaq DC5750 Microtower PC

Solid machine, I just setup up for a small business. There is room for two more memory sticks, also room for another HD in a quick mount system. There is 1 each 5 1/4 and a 3 1/2 front drive bays open. Easy to work on with everything placed well inside the case. There were two normal PCI slots and one PCI Express slots free. I paid $250 plus shipping and tax ($50) for a “refurbished” off the HP site, with about the same configuration. The biggest difference being XP Pro instead of XP Home.

Reread the specs, it does include a dvd burner.

If I were to buy one tonight, how long do you think it would take for the shipping to south texas?

you would prollly have it before end of next week

for price comparison, using manufacturer part no: RT741UT#ABA
complete with:
Operating System / Software

OS Provided Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Software Drivers & Utilities, Norton AntiVirus 2004
complete with:
Operating System Windows XP Professional with SP2

neither one of these is the same but gives you an idea anyways


Combo Drive – CD-RW/DVD-ROM

Everybody says that, but I bought a HP laptop with Vista & 1 gig of ram, planning to install more right after I bought it. I haven’t gotten around to getting any and the thing runs fine on the ram it has. I’ve had half a dozen web pages open, Excel, Quicken and Winamp all running at the same time, no problems.

Combo Drive – CD-RW/DVD-ROM …burns CDs, READS DVDs. No burn.

I have one dumb question:

This computer come with Xp home preinstall, but come with CD of XP home?

I ask this because I have one computer without license of xp home, so I can buy this and gift to my sister and keep the license for my computer : )

Thanks folks.

I suppose it all comes down to how patient you are :confused:

Also it depends on what flavor Vista you have and if you are running the fancy pants Aero.

Maybe SP1 sped things up a bit? I’m not sure, I’m still on XP Pro.

Uhhh, NO. Nice try.

From a convenience/technical perspective, these days, most of the big OEMs don’t ship computers with generic Windows install media. IF they ship with any discs at all, they are “restore” CDs that only are made to work with the model of computer they ship with, and basically contain a hard drive image that it re-copies on to your computer that consists of an already-installed-and-set-up copy of Windows pre-tailored for the machine in question (with all of the bundled crapware included, although as a nice touch all the correct drivers will also already be installed, too). However, to cut costs and (they argue) add even more convenience, it is common practice these days to ship with NO restore/install media, and carve out a chunk of hard drive space (at the end of it) where the “restore to factory default” image is kept…you run a program, and it re-images the beginning of the hard drive with the backup copy stored at the end.

Furthermore, just from the legal perspective, as much as I (also) disagree with it, the license agreement for Microsoft OEM software stipulates that the license is tied to the hardware bundle you purchased it with and is not transferrable.

And anyway, if you did that, what license would SHE be using then? Sounds to me like both in the current scenario as well as the (fictitious) one where you buy the machine and keep the software license for yourself, SOMEONE is going to be unlicensed!

Sorry to burst your bubble,

– Nathan

I had a setup very similar to this, slightly slower processor, same video card but one more gig of RAM and it could do HDTV fine. Could record 1 HD and 2 SD streams while watching an HD show all at the same time. The menu’s were a little slow, mostly due to the fact that its an ATI card, but I never tried too hard to get it working better (and AFAIK ATI support is better in Linux now). Of course you’ll probably want quite a bit more hard drive space if you want to keep more than a few recordings, I had 500 gigs to start out with. Now have about 1.5tb and I still don’t think its enough. That computer now only runs the backend though, I bought a smaller HP slimline computer for the front end.

Well you can install three times for year the same xp (you can use the same license for different s machines. of course this is illegal).

I’m build my own computer and one friend give me the license but that license is for xp home in Spanish( I’m Mexican : ) ) so now I’m like have one legal, I’m think seriously buy one but 200 hundred just for the SO I think is to much, but now I think that is my only way.

Thanks for the answer dude.

XP home? I don’t think so.

I’m in for one.

2 USB 2.0
1 microphone in
1 headphone/line-out
6 USB 2.0
1 serial
1 parallel
2 PS/2
1 audio in
1 audio out
1 RJ-45
1 external VGA monitor

2 full-height PCI
1 full-height PCIe x1
1 full-height PCIe x16

Here it is! This is for everyone who whines everytime the PS-2 mouses and keyboards come along and they don’t have a computer with these highly advanced ports! Buy this computer and you’ll be ready for woot’s regular PS-2 mouse offerings!

Service and Support
Warranty Feature
3/3/3 standard warranty - 3 years onsite, next business day, 3 years parts and 3 years labor and includes free telephone support 24 x 7. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply…Cool beans, Huh?

Look around if you “built your own” as stated you can just buy the “OEM” version (usually around a hundred bucks or less. Comes with its very own sticker for your machine.

THe detailed specs are on the PDF.

This is last years model to HP’s buisness class machine… 3 year warr… AWSOME deal!

I own 2 of these one a small form and another a micro tower. hard working machines for gaming need to upgrade the graphics card. It does have an X16 slot.

newegg is offering a great bundle today consisting of:

EVGA Geforce 8800GS 384MB PCIe Video Card for desktop PCs for $110 with free shipping, and a $30 mail-in rebate is available. For an even better deal, it can be bundled with a Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2x1GB 800MHz Memory (the first bundle on this list) for $140 for both. The $30 rebate applies on the video card, and a $40 mail-in rebate is available on the memory. Final cost after $70 worth of rebates would be $70.

would the Geforce 8800GS work in this computer and also the 2x1GB 800 Memory as an upgrade?