Compaq GX5050 Gaming PC From Dec. 6th


I bought this Woot and awaited it’s arrival with great anticipation. This is the first time in YEARS I have been excited about a PC. Yesterday it arrived in all it’s brushed aluminum splendor. It looks awesome!! I plugged in my monitor, keyboard, mouse and powercord. The lights come up, the fan begins to whir… The Comapq Splash screen appears and then > NOTHING!! This machine won’t even go into the BIOS!! I have spent two HOURS on the phone with HP/Compaq Support. I have gone through 3 technicians. They finally believe me that the sytem board is not any good.
HEre is where they really kick you in the pants: They will mail me a new motherboard, but I have to PAY for a technician to come out here and install it in a brand new machine I just took out of the box!!

This WOOT will be going back!!


Just put it in yourself. It isn’t hard. Just mimic all the plugs. I know you can do it!


the point is, it is a brand new machine and they should stand behiind their defective product. It should not be this painful…
I have never experienced such lousy product support. I do PC Support in my job and every other company that I have worked with for Warranty Claims is easy and helpful. I don’t get the run around and they send techs if you want one at no charge to perform the parts installation.
First impressions are hard to change and if this is what I see straight out of the box - what will happen next…


Before you put in a new motherboard check out my post on the Woots forum regarding this computer. Our computer was DOA. After hours on the phone with tech support they got us to pre-pay $30+ for a service call. They said the motherboard was dead and installed a new one today. Turns out, the mobo was fine, now they think it’s the processor. Will have to order one and bring it back here. And we’ll pay for another $30 service call? This computer is a trainwreck.


DAG! That sucks… Claim shipping damage!


Spoke to the tech today and now he thinks it’s both the processor and the power supply. Bummer.


Tech came yesterday and replaced both the processor and the power supply. Computer still doesn’t boot. Now they say it’s the hard drive. I say buy a Dell and send this one back. At least Dell boots up right out of the box.


From here it sounds like the technician is an idiot.

  1. I highly doubt its the processor. Processor failures are extremely rare.
  2. The computer powers on fine, you can check to see if the fan on the power supply is spinning. Why the heck would he replace the power supply?
  3. Usually with a bad motherboard, the computer will power on and then shut off and throw a motherboard diagnostic code (fairly reliable). Most modern computers, and especially those from major vendors like Compaq should have diagnostic lights.
  4. If it was a hard drive failure, you’ll probably get some error about "(SYSTEM FILE HERE) NOT FOUND, or “UNKNOWN HARD ERROR”, or misc blue screen during bootup. Anyway, this can EASILY be checked by running the diagnostic software from the hard drive manufacturer which you can easily download from the manufacturer’s website. Compaq should provide the diagnostic CD with the damn computer.

If I was this Compaq technician, first I would check the diagnostic code it’s throwing. I’m guessing it’s memory. Did the idiot try reseating the memory? That’s the FIRST hardware component you check. You dont just randomly start replacing the motherboard, processor, and power supply. The memory may have come loose duing shipping or while you were unpacking it.

Memory will produce the symptoms you described (it powers on, but will not boot). If reseating it does not fix it, you can put one stick in at a time. Finally, if that does not work, run the hard drive diagnostics. It’s bound to be either memory, or the hard drive.

P.S. Dells are not the almighty computers either. Laptop hard drives are incredibly unreliable no matter what company you’re buying the laptop from Dell/Gateway/Toshiba, etc. At the last company I worked for, out of 1000 new Dell Latitude laptops, more than 10 failed within 2 weeks, and a bunch more within the first month (mainly hard drive and motherboard problems). For companies, the support is average, but they send you the parts quickly. For home users, you get outsourced support from India and it can be really annoying when the guy tells you his name is Mary, John or Bob when it’s obviously Pooja or some other Indian name :slight_smile: Plan to spend atleast 25-40 minutes on the phone regardless of whether you have Gold business support or outsourced home support.


Computer doesn’t power on at all. First it would power up for an instant and then shut down. Now after all the replaced parts it doesn’t even turn on. I’m thinking bad power button? Or maybe a short?


Wow–I nearly grabbed one of those for a present for a friend who normally could not afford a pc, glad I did not do that, as I would have made sure it worked before I ever turned it over to him, thusly, a late christmas due to trouble shooting and replacing faulty parts.


And once again I’ll spend all day tomorrow waiting for the tech to come. My new mantra: please boot up, please boot up, please boot up.