Compaq Presario 2.8GHz Desktop PC



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Compaq Presario 2.8GHz Desktop PC
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Compaq Presario PC 2.8GHz Pentium D 1GB RAM 250GB SATA HD DVD Burner

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Compaq Presario’s get good reviews on Buzzillions. See…




Nope, HD dvd burner…cool


I saw the PS/2 connectors on the mouse and KB and a little bit of Tequilla shot out of my nose as I laughed.


I raised my eyebrows until I saw “Pentium D”. Barf. Anyone know if you can put a Core 2 Duo in there as long as the FSB is the same speed? Even a cheapie Allendale would stomp that Pentium D. Then again, what good is an Allendale if you can’t overclock it?


After the quad core PCs they’ve had on here, it’s hard to bite.


Wow, this is a great deal. If you know anyone who needs a computer, not a gaming king machine, but a computer for a real person, this is a great deal.


“sata hd” THEN “dvd burner” :wink: they need more commas.


Vista Home Premium, uggh… prolly seem like it’s in a coma with only 1gb ram. I’m out gotta get some sleep.


1 Compaq Presario PC 2.8GHz Pentium D 1GB RAM 250GB SATA HD DVD Burner

>> 250GB SATA HD DVD Burner
>> HD DVD Burner


Ah sweet, outdated technology all the way around!


Hey, it’s not a refurb! Nice for those who need a cheaply priced pc.


Dang I want, But already on the couch with this weekends purchases. Anyone accept payment plans ?


If I were in the market for a PC I would be all over this. But my PC is chugging along and no need to drop a few c-notes for another one.


HD-DVD burner? Looks like Compaq is using woot to flush out the obsolete technology. That thing is going to be utterly useless outside of the usual CD/DVD burning. HD DVD is dead, dead, dead.


Horrible horrible computer.

Good luck running vista on 1gb of ram and a Pentium D.