Compaq Presario 2GHz Desktop Computer


Say Goodnight Gracie.

     Goodnight Gracie.


ya compaqqqq

Integrated graphics card…



Can Get a better deal off Ebay… Maybe if it were Dual core and Vista Home Premium

Oh my, what suction!

How the hell does this sell out so fast?

i really wanted the bacon salt. but nothing happened when i clicked
i am sad

Buying this is like throwing your money away.

was that just me or did the bacon salt seem to disappear with tons left…? maybe woot gods saw everyones frustration and decided to make a change…

Damn it… missed the bacon salt while I was researching the cost.

Oh well, maybe next time if it is the same price or cheaper…

As long as it’s fast enough to browse my “adult” sites…

I am the the Alpha and the Omega…the first and the last

I wanted bacon salt, but the servers didn’t want to be nice to me. Sucks!

these clobes?

come on, can one person talk about the item?