Compaq Presario AMD 3100 Desktop w/ 512MB, 100GB, DVD+RW



$379.99+ $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Compaq Presario AMD 3100 Desktop PX790AAR#ABA


this is crap, worked with same unit, nothing special, DVD and hard drive a plus, compaq and refub kill it though


you fail it!!
its not even socket 939!


Holy cow what a price


Great deal.
Anyone look at the software thats bundled with this?
Office alone is about $150.00
AMD sempron 3100+ is the best overclocking sempron.


I just got rid of a 3100 processor for a 3700 processor. Is compaq still around, I thought hp brought them. Like the setup but not willing to pay for that much for a compaq. Needs more memory, at least 2 GB.


This is an Awsome woot, great price for a awsome processor dvd + 100gb HD can’t beat it with a stick, I am buying one for my family even though it is a refurb :confused:


I didnt think Compaq was still on the market. Whats next woot going to offer Windows TabWorks 2006 for 29.99 for the operating system? But can i blame the woot, no. Sometimes a good woot off takes a lot out of you and you need some time to recover. Go ahead woot get some rest and get back to your swager.


A quick Google search shows a site ( has it for $524 & shipping. So, this is about $45 cheaper … or more with shipping figured in.

I would love to see some inexpensive laptops offered.


Only 2 DIMM slots? Well, at least it has an available AGP slot.


A Socket 754 Sempron is still much much nicer than a Socket A, at least. And it has an ASUS motherboard with AGP, so with a video card it won’t be too slow. This may not be a great computer, but it’s not BOC material either, especially once a video card’s tossed in.

edit: The Sempron 754 is actually a pretty good chip. It’s about 80% as fast as an equivalent Athlon 64 of the same clock speed, unless you’re trying to run 64-bit code. And it requires much less power than any recent Celeron or Pentium 4 and can’t be used as a toaster. :wink:

Now the video, when unupgraded, is integrated SIS and complete garbage. But that can be fixed.


I’ve found the specifications for the motherboard here:

Overall, this is a great machine for the price if you don’t want to use it for gaming. You’d be lucky to get a good barebones PC and RAM for this price, so it’s excellent if you want a server that won’t have a high workload, or maybe want to use it as a MythTV PVR.


Great deal. If you need a cheap desktop computer for music, movies and school/light business work. No, you won’t be playing FEAR or Quake 4 on this machine, but most people don’t need to. Unless you’re gaming or doing processor-intensive tasks, you don’t need a top of the line computer. This will suffice in doing damn near everything a majority of users will need quickly and (most importantly) cheaply. Hell, you’d have a hard time building a machine with legitament software at this price point. If I was in the market for this type of computer, I’d pick it up in a heart beat.

Only thing I’d have to recomemnd is going to add/remove programs upon booting it up. Compaq will undoubtedly have a bunch of useless crap installed. It comes with the territory though.


I bought pretty much this exact computer (but with a 160 GB hard drive) back in October for around $500. I’ve been very happy with my Compaq so far, but I don’t use it for much more than Internet, Instant Messaging, and downloading music. If you’re looking for a good solid computer for regular every day stuff, I’d highly recommend it. The DVD burner is nice and the regular CD writer burns a CD in about 2 minutes (compared to 15 on my old, now deceased eMachine). Processor seems pretty fast too. I’d say it’s a good buy.


I like Compaq but a 90 day warranty on a computer. Yikes.


Where are the kittens???

Well Microsoft will be having kittens if this thing is sold without verification it’s being sold to a student or educator.

From description:
Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition


1.8 Ghz, now I know AMD rocks at effiecency/performance, and the speed should not be compared to Intel, but 1.8 Ghz.


Here is a MUCH better machine that will ship to you OVERNIGHT for cheaper than WOOT can deliver in over a week. Shame on you Woot… shame on you. I know what you are thinking… you have so much traffic now that you figure you can sneak a lame deal in every now and then and turn huge profits. The problem is you are going against what “Woot” was founded upon… what originally drove so many people to your site… and that is a very dangerous business practice.

No sir, I don’t like it.


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fry’s outpost has something simlar to this but does not have the 100gb instead a 40gb hd no dvd burner just a rom no keyboard or mouse and there is no software other then a linspire linix os for $200 so i think this is not that bad if you need the software…