Compaq Presario Media Center Desktop PC



is this a good price?


Is this really worth it? What are the biggest risks with a refurbished computer?


Not enough memory for Vista Home…

Just enough for Basic, yuck


looks to be a very good affordable family computer. nothing too extraordinary, but good looking for every day use.


dont ever buy a refurb computer, done it and its a waste of time trust me.


This is shouting Ebay


Gets a 7.2 on CNET. Not bad, I guess.


Would this qualify for a free upgrade to Vista?


You could build something with much more power for about the same price…


Actually Apple’s refurb program is amazing, no problems with them ever.


Hey thanks for making my computer feel old as hell


What do I need this for, recently bought the largest laptop out there from you guys and it is a refurb with nothing wrong at all. Maby tomorrow I’ll buy something. thanks woot, good wooting to you all


wow 56K modem!


Its just not worth it because its just not that good. It is your basic internet/word processor/picture storage box that most people buy them for.


Decent computer for the price - but its a Compaq. =\

With refurbished computers, you risk getting dinged merchandise, or a lemon. Usually they “fix” what’s wrong, but the quality of the refurb testing department varies a ton from company to company.


Well, I’ve had a power supply die, a bad cpu fan, well-used hard drives, and one that just didn’t turn on. I’ve had some good ones, too. However, I prefer not to take the risk anymore.


Refurb + Compaq + $350 = no go.

But shoot, its got a 56k modem…


This is a PERFECT home computer for the kids or just email use, or even some mediocre games -counter-strike, WOW, stuff like that. Good price, i got nothing against refurbs, i always worked for me!


This isn’t a bad deal if you are looking for a comp for your kids or the like. The ram is a bit low, but it will work for light to middle of the road use. Too bad I already have 6 comps in my house or I would buy one for one of the kiddos.

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