Compaq SR2170NX Desktop PC



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Compaq SR2170NX Desktop PC
$279.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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  • 1 Compaq SR2170NX Desktop PC

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how big is the hard drive?


can i play flight simulator x on these?


I’m actually using one of these right now as i write this. Although mine is not a refurbished model…


hmmm… refurbied desktops could be useful… i know plenty of classrooms with kids who might love this… but refurbied.


Refurb? Free used crappy music and pr0n?!

Pentium 4! Stay away!


bah might as well buy a dell add 70 bucks for a 17 inch flat screen.


I was considering this, then I remembered my brother bought a Compaq and it promptly broke. I also would prefer a laptop.


160 Gigs


to bad it refurb, but still would make a great christmas gift for your kids.

Oh, yeah. the computer i use is 4 years old and still better than this thing.
plus its compaq which is teh suxxor x100


little known fact about compaq products… they suck


Not a bad puter, got it two months ago (for $20.00 more). Added a PCI-E video card for $20.00, and another gig of RAM for $50.00, and it’s pretty sweet. Use it for work applications, so I wouldn’t recommend it for gaming or video production, etc.


maybe i’ll get one if 99.99. the only remotely attractive component is the PCI-X expansion slot.


Does anyone know what the ‘requirements’ are for a refurbished item? Like it was only a hardware issue or not built properly to start with. Or could it be anything like the kids poured soda in it?


Vista Home basic is like having nothing. Sure…you can spend money to upgrade it. Go with XP until Vista’s working properly.


review on Amazon - two star’s
Amazon link


everyone knows compaqs are crap.

and these are refurbished crap.


I’ll pass. Come on Woot! Its the weekend! Give us something good…


Vista on a p4 w/ 1Gig? Not too hard to understand how lots of these puppies were returned.