Compaq SR2170NX Desktop PC

kinda want

Jeez, Pentium 4s? These must come with a nice thick layer of dust.

Good price. No thanks.

decent deal if you need a crappy computer…

Come on w00t… nobody needs these… we are all already using computers to be here now…

crappy or to expensive…
going with a theme?

out dated but nice for kids gifts

1gb of RAM with Vista? Not a good idea.

oh man. you can get a better new computer for about the same price

Giant PC.

built in 56K modem - in for 3

I’ll pass because of the pentium 4. Runs hot and slow.

POS!!! pc good if u chk email maybe

but back to that, what is a leakfrog?

2nd that

is this the first item that wasn’t offered in the last woot-off?

vista with only 1 gig of ram! HAHHAHA

i cannot control my laughter for people who bought this … poor