Compaq X Athlon 64 Gaming System


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


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Quality Posts for all!
[]p4, Gemini tackles the Athlon vs Intel argument
]p4, fabiodovalle prices the components at over $1000 at Newegg
[]p4, LaserBeams puts one together on Newegg for $1100
]p5, dsafron says “There’s nothing wrong with this PC except its age”
[]p5, MeanieMan insists that he can build a better one for just $130 more
]p6, kpk021 muses “One might be able to build a similar system for cheaper but I doubt it”
[*]p6, GettinmyW00Ton claims “Is this a good machine for the money? Yes. Is this a hard core gamer machine? No.”


Oooooh, sexah. Might have to get it just for the case.


Good woot, but bad video card!


W00T! ME WANT!!!





Athlon 64 eh? good woot


wowie :slight_smile:
but too expensive :frowning:


Hrm, but its a compaq…

And the specs really arent all that good, you can probably build a better computer for the same price at newegg.


compaq does it right!!


woot man - thias is a cool and woolalicious item


Darn it, I already have too many PCs.
This one is a good price, but too sophisticated for me.

Best Froogle I found (all of them) was $799.99
Oh, and those are Remanufactured.

Off to bed,
good night WOOTers


very nice, great deal


If I only had the money. Damn. Great woot though


who needs this when they have the xbox 360! dude that thing freaking rocks my socks off!


No Woot… No! Not until you ship to Hawaii.

On a good note… 1st Page!!!


ugghh Compaq anything = no thanks


Compaq = HP product.

Haven’t had much luck with HP. But this would be a good deal otherwise. That case alone makes me drool!

I need a computer to acces the internet so I can look up my next woot… Oh wait, too late… :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait for the bag’o’crap tommorrow!


not bad specs, but i’ll pass. the video card is lousey.


Nice!!! But it ain’t no Mac :slight_smile: