Comparative Diagram: Size


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Missed it today? Buy It Tomorrow Here!


Stuck in “Redirecting” for about 2 minutes… well done.

Nice job, James, and sorry yet again, Derek… poor fella…


I love the design and the color, but not sure if I should get it yet.


Awsome james, congrats on FINALLY making it for sale :wink:

Here’s hoping Rhyme day is an editors choice (I know how woot staff love those big words from their item descriptions)


I’ll pass. (Don’t like the color =[).


wow, this was a surprise!


Grats Cho… this was a great design!

question though… did the color of the shirt change?


Wear this shirt: to plant subtle suggestions in the minds of potential mates.



yea i’m unsure myself, not really attracting me.


Not bad… i like it but i don’t think i’d wear it… I want geek stuff!


Weird… I like it. Have to pass as its not something I would wear - but I’m digging the design.


Congratulations James. You promised us awhile back that this would be printed. Glad Woot chose it as a daily and your efforts were rewarded.

Congratulations again!


Congrats James! Nice design.


Yes! In for one. Liked yellow better, but wev. I finally get to wear this shirt!


aaaaahahahaha told you guys they wouldn’t just do three!!!
very solid choice oh woot gods!
congrats AGAIN james.


Yaaaay! Awesome. Cream is the perfect color for this shirt and it looks much better in person than on the screen. (I have the Pirate Penguin.)


awesome shirt !
voters must have pissed off the woot staff when that dumb “it” shirt won