Compendium of Coiffure

Can some one please explain what “Interior Print” means?

Very nice to see the full list printed on the inside of the collar. Nice touch, woot.

I did, just above in my previous post.

Where on the interior do the names appear?

P should have been pompadour.

On the interior of the shirt…

b should have been bulbous bouffant

So… what’s interior print mean? Inside the shirt?

Never mind, I see that this has been answered!

C for Conan

I was seriously hoping the “M” would be for “mullet”. Just that would have sold me the shirt.

Very clever!! And I like the interior cheat sheet too!

wtf is interior print?

Let’s roll out some puns people!

“This shirt is a cut above the rest”

“I should buy this for my friend Harry”

or my favorite

"This shirt is stylin’ "

This afro-font and the regular woot have gotten “Because I got high” stuck in my head.

I was gonna woot this shirt
but then I got basil - ooh-ooh-oo

Awww this is cute! It woulda been the perfect shirt for hairdressers/stylists/etc IF it was in black.

They make everyone wear only & all black in too many salons for some reason. (I love black in a little cocktail dress or something fabulous, but when you see every person wearing it in salon after salon, IMVHO it doesn’t look chic, just drab & depressing.)

Fabulous idea for the “interior print”. I would like to see the titles of shirts printed inside as standard practice.

Well at least B doesn’t stand for “the Bieb.” Someone could still wear this 2 years down the road.

This shirt is giving me a serious case of trichopathophobia.

I think “the Bieb” would need an entire shirt devoted to it alone, and perhaps a matching bag and shoes.