Complex Simplicity

Nice design. Reminds me of those more expensive brand names.

This is nice but reminds me of a bad windows logo…sad.

Edit: If the windows logo and NBC pop ups had a lovechild.

Hey Jeff- Recognized your work right away. Congratulations on the print!*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Buy this shirt tomorrow with this link.

Cool design, nice shirt color, but the colors are a little bit… wonky, I might say. That’s the only thing deterring me from getting this shirt… that and my empty wallet.

So, so tempting. Love the color scheme. Thanks to the artist for that one, but just not sure if I need more pattern shirts. Love them, but kinda am spending too much money on shirts lately.

It’s a little retro, a little Partridge Family, and a little funky. Altogether, I’m not fond of the scheme, but the idea is a new spin on an old idea. I would have liked to have seen this in perhaps a different color combination.

Plagiarized from The Bahamas tourism site. I’d know that pattern anywhere.

Either it’s invisible shirt day at woot, or there is something wrong with the way my computer is connecting to the server…orrrrrr this is one of those “emperor’s new clothes” moments where every other wooter pretends to see this shirt because they are the true genius wooters, or…

I noticed that too!!!

Love the colours, love the concept…I know if I want this, I need to buy it tonight, because I don’t think I’ll cough up $15, but at the same time I would love to see this printed, first.

Woot, it might be a good idea to have available, somewhere and somehow, a photo of the design as printed, on the debut day. It would certainly make it easier to choose to buy or not. Threadless does this (not that you should try to be Threadless, because I quite like Woot), and I really do think it’s helpful. Some designs look a billion times better printed than in the art on screen. Some…don’t. Noteably mine. Having a print the first day could help boost sales for deisgns like this that might not otherwise sell out.

Edit: What’s with the posts just…disappearing, lately? Into the void? As far as I could tell, they were mostly on topic (not all, but mostly). So weird.

Kind of like the Brady Bunch meets the NBC peacock.

lol ditto!

This wouldn’t be bad, as such, if I didn’t feel like this designer didn’t have a lot of depth in his design catalog. I’ve seen a number of his pieces submit to various places, and they all look incredibly the same… like tangram puzzles.

Because no one else can use a teardrop? The design is laid out diagonally but not arranged in the same pattern.

I have had a Woot account, what, two days now?
Very happy customer of this shirt, as well as KTHNXBAI.
Woot’s addicting, however, it’s a lot less expensive than designing your own shirt at Spreadshirt.
Woot’s going to burn a hole in my pocket eventually ;D

Something happened the other day to me as well. No pictures will load from the woot site when I use a certain browser. Just happened a couple of days ago. If I load the site using another browser…no problem. I tried to check for image blocking, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

In any event, try loading the woot page using another browser and see if you still have problems.

Same exact teardrop geometry, remarkably similar to the Bahamas background… Sorry, m’dear. That’s a copy of someone else’s idea.

Not for me, but I appreciate woot’s diversity in offering such different styles of shirts each day. I hope those who like this type of shirt enjoy it! :slight_smile: