I could see this being added into Rockband. Flawless victory!@


Oh, hey, by the way… if music battles are your thing, you might want to look into the game Symphony. It is reasonably awesome and what I thought about as soon as I saw this shirt.


A different kind of button mashing.


Mozart! Mozart, forgive your assassin! I confess, I killed you…


I remember that game, got it on Steam during one of their sales. Sounded great in theory, but in reality… not so much. Got boring fast.

I’ve yet to find any relation between the actual music and anything in the game itself, seems like a randomizer that spins the wheel once for each mp3 you let it “scan.”

Big letdown.


Oh, for the record… my favorite “classical” composer:


Of Johann Sebastian’s 20-odd children, he was certainly the oddest.


Heh, Oedipus’ nemesisdom moment was a bit more than embarrassing…

I saw this title on facebook and had the brilliant idea that if this was Zombie Mozart vs Zombie Salieri then it could be called “DE-COMPOSE”. One of you t-shirt artists should get on something like that, a “decomposer” zombie Mozart just sounds cool. And you know, give me credit for the idea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mine too


Very clever, and all elements necessary for the sake of popular culture. However, historically speaking, Mozart’s adversary might better be Clementi. Here is a little program someone put together about it:



So sad that this passed up the opportunity to look more like StreetFighter II, or maybe Mortal Kombat. (There’s some kind of joke in there involving “decapitation” and “recapitulation.”) Or to choose Brahms vs. Wagner.


Mirror image pianos sonaip egami rorriM


Since we’re so close to March Madness- this is definitely a first round 1 vs. 16 seed.


Ha ha- PDQ FTW!


My least favorite thing about that game is how Beethoven is just a palette swapped version of Mozart.
Love the loose style! Gratz Yeti!


I’ll be Bach.


Shocker another boring grey shirt.


I wonder who the final boss would be?


Plus, Mozart is just way too good. He really needs to be nerfed.