Compression Therapy & Support

Any info on sizing???

Agreed! Sizing details would be much appreciated. The 10-point socks look like a great deal but no idea if they will fit the XL person I’m buying for.

Sizes will be added to the sales shortly. Keep in mind that these types of things come with a vague sizing chart.

Elbow Supports N/W/B-One Size Fits Most
Slimming Arm Sleeve- One Size Fits Most
Cellulift Taping Thigh Shaper- One Size Fits Most
10 Point Compression Sleeves B/N- One Size fits Most
Overnight Slimming Socks- One Size Fits Most
Drainer Compression Therapy Socks B/W- One Size Fits Most
10 Point Compression Socks B/W- Fits up to a Men’s Size 12

Why can’t the model be included?

What is the mmHg of the sleeve?

leg sleeve that is

Useless info on the compression socks without the mmHg of compression. I only want 30-40 mmHg. What is the compression?

I agree with the above - I’m interested in a lot of these products, but without knowing the mmHg on them, I can’t decide if I’m interested. Please add this info