Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit



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Compu-Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Kit
$699.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Compu-Pool CPSC-36 Salt Water Pool Chlorinator Kit


Who in the heck has salt-water swimming pools???



This is actually really cool! My dad owns a pool, but it’s not salt water… oh well.


I bet the Woot map will be fun for this one. Look for a certin southern emphasis. And no buyers in Alaska.


So where do you attach this? The skimmer?


you dont need it to be salt water, it works on all pools


Does anybody know if this will work in my bath tub? It’s a Kohler LJ-223 ?


Believe it or not, but my neighbor does. It’s much nicer than swimming in a chlorinated pool.


guess i am gonna have to put in a pool.

its .35% salt! thats less than 1% btw, and most pools have it these days to lessen the clorine.


I love the fact no one bought any yet, 4 minutes past.


Hey look, no one has this yet.


My brother


While not common, people do have them. The reason is that they are suppose to be easier to keep clean (not as much chlorine is needed, etc).


I had to do a double-take on this one - why would people own salf-water pools?


I guess this is the kind of thing that: if you have to ask what it’s for, you don’t need it.


I didnt think salt-water pools were that uncommon. Couple of my friends have them…


Ah, I get it. So if you just happen to live in a beach house with a swimming pool, you can pump saltwater into your pool and convert it to useable water? Yeah. If I fit those demographics, you think I’d be shopping on Woot for bargains? Thanks, Woot. Go ahead. Rub salt in the gaping wounds of my soul yet again.


Now that’s what I call a niche item.


The description says it produces chlorine gas. That’s a load of shit. If you don’t add chlorine to it, it can’t. Chlorine is an element. That would be like saying it could generate gold!


well its a good thing this doesnt specifically target only a certain few individuals. i am sure glad that i am in the market for one of these living in my second floor apartment. neat.