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Laptop work table with a drink holder? Baaaad idea! Because you might be tempted to use it for a drink. Do you know how many laptops get damaged, often ruined, by spills? I work at a computer repair business, so I do. Liquids and laptops are a bad combo. Just my thought for the day.


Really, computers and liquids don’t mix? Then why have they been putting drink holders on desktop computers for years then? That little pop out drink holder has come in really handy over the years!


Doe’s anyone know if these mouse pads emit a bad odor like so many things from China do? I bought a cheap mouse pad on ebay and had to pitch it in the garbage.


Just FYI, I have the Mustang GT version of these Roadmice, and it works great. They look awesome, and have better range than any other wireless optical mouse I’ve used. The only downside is that cars aren’t exactly ergonomic. I can’t use the 'Stang very long at all before my wrist starts bothering me.


Be careful when purchasing the speakers! Of the amplified speakers, only the HD/6 includes the AC adapter you’ll need to get amplification (Unless you really want to install C batteries, which are also not included.) The non amplified speakers do not come with speaker chord either, so be weary.


Anybody familiar with that style of Targus laptop cooler? I have one that has one small fan that stopped working a while ago, and it’s slanted so it hurts my wrists to type with it on my lap. With how stupid my current one is, I’m leery of buying another Targus even though this one is cheap and looks much more like what I want. :confused:


Ok, how about this question (staff?)… Is this the same product on Amazon? If so, the pictures look very different and I don’t know which picture is the right one. Can anyone help me with that?


By all appearances they seem the same. They even have the same part number: PA248U5W
(except the “W” which probably means “White”). I would surmise that they are the same model.

If you’re wanting definite proof, I can ping a buyer and get response.


I’m sorry, I tried to edit my comment and include the link but my internet crapped out…
Is that the one you were looking at?

If it is the same, no pinging necessary, I trust you. The pictures just make it look like a different shape.


Re: Targus Laptop Chill Mat

“Compatibiity: Designed to work with laptops with up to 16 screens”

  1. “Compatibiity” – compatibi***L***ity?

  2. what does “16 screens” mean?


They probably mean 16" screens – quote marks are notoriously prone to CSS parsing errors.


I ordered one of each of the amplified sets last time round and I can confirm that all the amplified sets come with ac adapters. Though not in the pics they are included. As well as very nice 3.5mm-3.5mm plugs of the 6’ variety. A nice warranty card that says they are factory warrantied for life! aaaaand a brochure for the Koss line- surly from the late 90’s.
well boxed and all worked flawlessly. Especially with the $12 bluetooth upgrade!