Computer Eyewear

I’ve had the pleasure of needing glasses since gradeschool. Hooray for elongated eyes. :expressionless:

Are there any differences between these glasses?

The frames fit and feel different. Otherwise the lenses all behave the same (filter harsh light, very slight magnification).

So how’z about we just toss these glasses in the dumpster Wootsters? I mean really. enough with trying to push this buyer screw up off on to us. I mean who was the moron who thought that people who don’t wear glasses would want to buy these glasses to wear indoors. I mean that’s ridiculous. People who wear glasses well we already have our indoor glasses so the only people who are buying these things are fool hipsters.

Yeah…I wear contacts and I wore a pair of these during a week-long web training. They really did help prevent eye strain. They’re not meant to be a fashion statement.

I bought a set of gunnars in the last woot sale. I like them, they seem to work fine for me and my girlfriend as we tested them individually.

The lenses on mine are held on with tiny micro nuts however. They seem to have loosened up and fallen off at some time. I only noticed because the lens on once side started to wobble, and nearly fell off the posts. (note: edited to say nuts not screws, got that mixed up in my original post.)

We should get info on the size of these little nuts. As Ive read other reviews on amazon and previous woot sales that these will fall off on some people’s glasses.

anyone got an idea?

It’s advertised for gamers, but honestly they’re really for anyone who suffers eye strain, dry eyes, and other negative stuff that come from sitting infront of monitor for hours. Think of them like reading glasses but with a slight tint because that’s what they are. They do help in that regard, but if you don’t have those problems and are expecting these to help your gaming performance, you’re sadly mistaken.

A decent eyeglass repair kit should be able to fix that. If constantly loosens up, a tiny dot of super glue should fix it.

I bought a pair of prescription Gunnars, and they work really well. I am a sysadmin and sit in front of a computer all day, Wearing the gunnars helps prevent eye strain and dry eyes. I find they are only good for computer stuff, watching tv, reading, going shopping, driving, I want to wear my other glasses.

Gotcha, Ill give it a try.

My brother’s have glasses but I don’t, so I’ve seen those kits just not had to by one myself. I figured they just had the little screws in them, not little nuts. Thanks for the info!

I’m also a systems administrator. I bought some last sale on these and use them everyday (after everyone leaves since I’m the night shift guy). I have noticed that the headaches I get after 5-6 hours have gone away completely. I have also noticed that my eyes don’t feel nearly as heavy when I am leaving the datacenter at 1 AM. Since my eyes don’t feel nearly as heavy, the drive home is much easier… Long gaming sessions are also much easier on the eyes. I have noticed that after wearing these glasses for a few hours, if I raise them to look at the monitor without looking through the glasses, it actually hurts. It is nice knowing that I am straining my eyes a lot less now. I am now debating on buying a second pair… One for work and one for home…

Honestly, who are you kidding, just filtering blue wavelengths of light isn’t going to solve all near vision problems. If you’re having issues of any kind see an optometrist who can diagnose what ailing you such as uncorrected farsightedness, astigmatism, eye alignment issues, etc.

will the gunnar optix frames take prescription lens?


I have been wearing gunnars for almost 4 years now. When I started working at a job where I sat in front of a computer for 10+ hours a day, I had eye strain and headaches in the late afternoon. I went to the optometrist and I have slightly better than 20/20 vision and no eye problems. I can tell you that for me, these work. The headaches went away and eye strain is noticeably reduced. Yeah some of the guys at work razz me sometimes, but I don’t go a day without wearing them. My last visit with the optometrist was about a month ago - still perfect vision.

I am not a “fool hipster”, nor am I someone who wears glasses normally. I have 20/20 vision.

My girlfriend bought me these on a whim and I was skeptical at best, but I can say for certain that these help while staring at the screen for hours (gaming, etc). My eyes no longer feel “tired” or hurt at the end of a gaming session.

I liked them so much, I bought another pair for work (IT work at a corporation) last sale. Once again, people who saw me were skeptical, so they bought one to pass around to “trial”. Every single person who tried them now has a pair. It really helps with staring at a screen all day.

I don’t notice so much of a difference wearing my pair for gaming. What I do like them for is when I’m working on excel sheets for long periods of time as it softens contrast between black text/grid lines/white background. Keeps me from needing to fiddle around with my monitors for those instances and then change them back when I’m done with excel.

I just returned my sheadog gunnars because the frames where not as wide. I do want to say that I am on the pc 24/7 for my work and my eyes have felt better and headaches I did experience after 6+ hrs of being in front of the screen are gone.

The ones on woot are small for me. Does anyone know of other deal places that have pc glasses? Now that I have experienced the glasses and kjnow they work, I dont care if they are gunnars or not. I just want to find some that fit me.

post please. thanks!!

I don’t see how these are for gamers, as color matters for games, and these ruin color turning things yellow.

Been waiting for the Emissary model for a while. Mine now. That makes 3. Now I have a spare to loan at work.