Computer Help


Vista is out, and you might be forced to buy Vista instead of XP.
A lot of things are different and you might need help. I know I do.
If you have a question ask it here.


Vista isn’t updating my feeds. Does anyone know why?


Doesn’t know that you are hungry?


Could it be that the feeds aren’t compatible with Vista yet?


I went to Vista’s Help on the Windows (aka Start) menu and did a search on RSS. There were quite a few topics there. I would start with those first.


I don’t know how you found them from the start menu, but all windows has about there rss feeds is how great it is.


That rather obscure choice “Help and Support.”

Also, there’s this

Other than that, you need to be more specific. How are you implementing your RSS feed (Gadget, IE, etc.). More information helps us help you.


It seems to only update when I rune IE.


Info on the Gadgets




There are already 2 woot gadgets, with over 5k downloads.
They both need to be improved.
Nite for real this time.


can you use a web cam w/ AIM?


Use a mac.


'Allo mike.

Don’t confuse Fen. He doesn’t need the help.


Must obey hypno toad…

I can’t afford a mac, and what does that have to do with video chatting?


Nothing to do with video chat, was referring to Vista sufferers =]


Oh. I could handle XP, but vista is made for idiots and I can’t change the things like I used to. They are into his new user friendly crap… I just want it back to the way it was. It used to sort of make sense.


I’ll stick to XP. The only MS product I actually put 1/1,000,000th of a bit of trust.


I was thinking about uninstalling vista and installing XP, but I suppose I would have to buy XP. Then I would have to find all the drivers and all that good stuff.


XP is the best Microsoft product for drivers. Even better than 98. I haven’t had a bit of trouble with anything from legacy parallel printers up to the newest and coolest stuff.
I’m signed up for an all day session on deploying Vista, so I may have to take the leap at work one of these days.