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The Toshiba 750GB external HDD is a very nice item. Compact and USB powered so you don’t need a power supply, just the one cable does it all. Great price too.

Good deal for a sony with Blu-ray, decent Ram screaming processor. Wish I had the bucks for this one, for my daughter to go to school. Oh well, next time for sure!

FYI. If you buy the machine with the wireless mouse and keyboard, don’t expect anything good from the mouse and keyboard. Just purchased a similar machine from WOot with the same accessories and they are unusable. Drops connection all the time, mouse only tracks about 75% of the time, keystrokes aren’t logged, extra keystrokes appear out of the ether.

This very similar 27’ AOC monitor at Mothership is same price and NEW / free shipping .

Keep in mind that the monitor linked is a TFT Panel and not an IPS Panel.

I am looking at the Sony but “VGP-BPS26 Lithium-Ion Battery” doesn’t tell me about how long the battery will last. I need something with 4 hours at lest. Has anyone had this one and gotten 4+ hours of life from battery??

The average rated battery life for that particular laptop is 2 hours. When choosing a product that has a higher battery life, you have to consider two important constraints. The first, being how much power is required to operate the device (this varies drastically based on the type of usage as well) and the second being the capacity of the battery (the milliampere hour or “mAh”). In short, a higher capacity battery may provide better battery life, but may not provide enough for your use depending on what you wish to accomplish while using it. Also to note, the battery is Lithium Ion (most common make and used battery type, also denoted as Li-Ion), which is prone to degradation over time and use.

I don’t know how much of a deal they are but I bought a pair of the Gunnar Optiks Talon Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear - Tortoise glasses the last time they were offered. I really like them a lot. I think I paid the same price for them.

I have photosensitivity problems where too much bright light gives me a screaming headache among other things and these are a great help to me. Even if you don’t, if you spend a long time staring a TV or computer screen, they are way worth it.

The Toshiba seems like a steal. How come it hasn’t sold out yet? Do ye gurus have any opinions on it?

Would this quad-core machine be comparable enough to stave off tech-envy once Haswell chips roll out across the market?

FOR Toshiba HDTC607XK3A1 Canvio 3.0 750GB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Preloaded Backup Software
1/8 chance to fail in 1st yr or less

I bought 2x the G-Form Extreme sleeves for 10" tablets to go with the 2x Samsung Note 10.1 tablets…

These can be put in the G-Form sleeve, but it is really a bit small. It is definitely hard to zip up and the cushion flaps that should buffer the zipper end cannot really be pulled up and over the edge and then still be able to zip closed.

I’m going to try restitching the far end a little further towards the trim edge (turn the sleeve inside out and there is the sewn seam. After resewing this I’ll clip the original seam and see if the gives it the extra room needed.


So, if you have a tablet larger than an iPad, you might look at the Extreme Sleeve 2, it measures 1/2" larger so will hopefully fit better than the original Extreme Sleeve.

Looks like everyone and their brother is undercutting Woot on the 750GB hdd.

Walmart and Amazon by a penny, with free pick-up/prime shipping.

Model numbers don’t match, but the specs match.

Just to clarify, the model numbers do match. Also, the other websites you mentioned only undercut Woot by a few pennies. Keep in mind that Amazon Prime costs a yearly subscription and that in-store pickup requires time and a source of transportation (expending of resources).

The scientific calulator seems cheap, if you are already buying something and have kids, grab those for standardized tests.

I didn’t have luck with the HP printer last time (stuck in French, never went through setup properly and wouldn’t accept the special first-time-use cartridges), but the previously offered one was refurbished whereas this is new. Reviews on the web seem to indicate that it’s a good printer if it works, so the 1 year warranty through HP might make this a more attractive deal.

Do you have experience with that external drive? The one USB 3.0 drive I have (an iOmega eGo) was rendered basically useless because the connection between the chord and the drive went screwy somehow. I don’t see any broken pins in either the cable or the drive, and I even replaced the cable. If I hold the cable in, it works fine, the minute I let go of the cable, it disconnects.

I found a drive from Buffalo that has the cable somehow integrated into the drive (or the connection is protected at least). It was 1 TB and cost $129.

I could use another external drive and I’m considering this one. I’d love to hear about anyone’s experience with it.

They are NOT the same ,indeed.
My apology .

This is a very good deal for anyone looking for a cheap replacement or extra laptop. Can’t complain. Toshiba, although sometimes you gotta be wary of quality these days, used to churn out consistently high-quality products. They still do, if you compare to Dell or HP.