Computer Mice

Glad the writeup acknowledges the same thing I did: a similarity between this and a nursery rhyme about a trio of blind rodents :stuck_out_tongue:

This kinda fails at being a pun, and is also derivative at best:

What did they put in the cheese? Looks like some hallucinogens they think they are computer accessories and look at the pupils of the one on the right, totally dilated. I suspect mushrooms or LSD. Time for some rehab for our furry friends.

This is absolutely brilliant.

I think the one on the left had a colostomy.

but srsly its mai cheese

Yeaaaaaaa! Hallowoot is gone!

If I connect these mice to my mp3 player will they dance to the rocking sound of Beethoven?

Where’s the laser mouse?


The question is, is that a bluetooth mouse on the right or a wireless USB mouse?

Virtually all culture is derivative.

Personally I think this design is too small to be effective on a shirt. I really like it though.

It’s a visual pun and a technology chronology all rolled into one very crisp design. Bravo!

#2, I believe.

Ordered one. Also posting this to the rat clubs, they’ll definately want to be able to order one of these guys too :D.

what are the spots in between the mice? did they leak?

Its actually a wifi symbol, but I think it is supposed to be bluetooth, bought one anyhow…

Maybe it’s that weird combo of dirt and sweat gunk that builds up on mice and mousepads when your hands aren’t clean.

a little too creepy for me…