Computer questions


I’m calling dell, but I might want to ask you guys some stuff, so I’ll post here






So, how much would another 512MB cost?


It seems to be a little better. I talked to tech support… They transfered me to cust service but no one was answering. I’m going to call back later.


I assume this is the older computer that you are talking about…You might check ebay, it could be cheap. If its not the old laptop, then about 35 dollars


or not…


Yeah, I wonder if he can steal a stick from his other computer?


First thing I tried to do. No go.


Would that solve all my problems?


sometimes i feel like this when using older computers

But stealing? Of course it will solve your problems… instead of a boring Friday night you could be in jail with a special friend.


It’s bran new, opened it up today. I liked my old one better.


gotcha, but stealing would still be fun.


No, it wouldn’t.


Programs will not respond. To upgrade to the laptop KT is talking about it will cost me almost $200 after tax and shipping.


Can’t be sure, but you really should have more RAM. Vista will want it.


ok, I guess I’ll do that.


okay okay. your right wookies don’t steal. Like they said though you can find deals on ram.


I think I’ll go to CompUSA, Mabye they will have some deals…


Heh. I like you. I like the way you think.