Computer Speakers


Can anyone recommend a really good pair of speakers $0 - $40


Computer, or stereo?




I have Altec-Lansing in my office, but it’s more expensive (VS-4121) but sound great. They make a relatively inexpensive group, the VS-2321, which can be had for around $40. Amazon has them for $38.77.

Comes with a subwoofer and two left/right speakers. Plus it comes with a volume knob with inputs/outputs as a separate unit, so you don’t have to reach for the speakers if you place them around your monitor, knocking them over.


do they get loud?




These? $20, and 4 stars.

Amazon review


thanks thats def a posibility, altho i cant stand rebates


They are from circuit city I think, so it seems like you should get them. Never done a rebate through them though.

Edit: one is from CC($20) and one is from logitec($10).


Supposedly yes

If you like bass, Altecs are good for that. Mine are a bit bass-heavier than I’d like, but they’re pretty faithful. Plus the woofer rocks the office.