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At $59.99 and with many having a PRIME membership at Amazon why not go there and pay the exact same price?

Not a fan of the monster products (except Monster cables from the 80’s lol) but I pickedup the 120gb external SSD drive at SAMS for 30 bucks. It’s SLOW. I got USB 2.0 devices that are 2x as fast. I did a image back up from my lap top and I ended up going and watch a couple episodes of Sea hunt before the backup was done. I did a normal file copy and it was chugging along at 30mb a second. I wouldn’t have thought much about it but it didn’t read much faster when I plugged it into my desktop pc. Both using usb 3.0 ports… didn’t matter. So, if your looking for something faster, beware.

I got the 3TB Buffalo drive on an earlier woot for my XBOX ONE, and it is working like a champ!

What’s the general consensus on the brands woot frequently offers here? Between WD, Seagate, Buffalo, etc, which can be trusted and which should be avoided?

WD is the best out of the three for reliability.

The one on Amazon for that price is 1TB, this one is 1.5TB. The 1.5TB drive on Amazon is $109.

Oh mighty forums team, a question about the WD elements drives please & thank you.

The WDBBJH0015BBK drive shows a usb mini connector in the image. USB 3 mini is not a common cable, is the image correct or does it have the “usual” wide micro connecter as on the other wd drive?

Found the manual.

It comes with a special cable that connects to the drive and then to USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 on your computer.

The part that connects to the drive has a funky connector:

More info:

HGST (Hitachi formally IBM Storage), which is owned by WD has the best reliability, then WD branded drives, then Seagate drives. Source

Actually, if you look here, you can see that the person to whom you replied was correct. 1TB Buffalo on Woot for $60.

You may not realise that this is a forum for ALL the Computer Storage being offered right now. Perhaps people should be more specific about which product they are referencing.

I have tried these before, and I just can’t get my computer to fit into them. Any suggestions…? Do I fold it? Is there a shrink ray that comes with this item? I must know these things prior to purchase.

TT to the rescue!
The sale image shows a USB mini connector hence my confusion.

The funky one is a USB micro connector (with the USB 3 extra piece next to it). The funky one is standard for WD USB 3 drives.

The image for the sale doesn’t match the image from the manual, its most likely a stock image for a WD Elements drive (They sell them in the 2.5 & 3.5 drive versions the cases mimic the same look despite the difference in scale. The 2.5 drives are bus powered the 3.5 have a wall wart & power socket next to the usb port).

It might explain why 2 drives that are basically identical have such different sales stats. If they are offered again, perhaps getting an actual photo would be beneficial or even that image of the cable & its funky connector would clear it up.

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The more you know…

Ew, that Pilot Precise V5 is only Fine, not Extra Fine.

Only if you want woot!ers to know which product you are discussing; and therefore, have a reasonable chance of providing a useful response.

I don’t have experience with the other brands, but I’ve had two WD back up drives including the MyNet900C which is a router/backup drive combo. They both worked for a while, and then had drive and/or partition failures within a few months, and WD’s backup software (SmartWare I believe its called) is pretty worthless, and just a big headache. I’ve pretty much given up on WD.