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Anyone given that dual monitor stand a go? How stable is it?

I haven’t tried it, but when this last went up on tech.woot it was only positive reviews. And it’s ergotron, the primary name in only slightly overpriced high quality consumer grade monitor stands.

HP Pavilion P6-2100 Desktop.Can someone give me some comments on this desktop? I need to replace an old emachine desktop running Vista in my home office. I use it to do general office chores, internet surfing, watch Hulu and other streaming stuff and listen to music.Any advice is very much appreciated.

While this isn’t the fastest computer at 1.65GHz, it’s dual core so it has some decent multi-tasking ability. The graphics card isn’t great for gaming but you will be able to watch videos. Three GB of RAM is a good amount to have for casual, and work related tasks. The price is good too.

Thanks, I went ahead and pulled the trigger : my emachine has been freezing, hanging and blue screening ; your comment made my mind.

Anyone else find it weird that the pic of the back has no power supply/power cord port?

EDIT: Forget what I said, it has a external power supply for the tower it looks like. Never seen one like this before. Also, this is regarding the 200$ machine.

Yes, its a weird ‘thing’. As someone rightly said the last time it went on sale, it combines the power and upgradability of a netbook with the portability of a desktop. I’m not surprised that Woot decided not to put up a picture of the embarrassing innards.

I feel bad for the folks buying HP in general. I’ve had four HP machines (two desktops, two laptops) and all four suffered catastrophic hardware failure within two years of purchase (the laptops in around a year apiece, in fact.)

Funny, same thing happened to every Dell machine I’ve ever owned!! Never had a HP fail on me!

Any info on either of the monitors thinking about grabbing 1 not sure if they are worth it or not?

The 22’ is well-reviewed on CNET, for whatever that’s worth (about a buck twenty.)

This is barely a surprise. HP gets the cheapest parts they can to build their PC’s, and obviously quality suffers. Also, they sell more PCs if more of them break (sure you’ll be mad at HP if your computer breaks, but you’re still more likely to buy an HP than someone who’s still using their working computer).

Also, I was interested in the AOC monitors, however $85 shipped seems pretty steep for a refurbished monitor with a 90 day warranty, and 1600x900 kind of sucks. At Staples they have a 20" LED-backlit for $90 shipped that has a 3-year warranty…

I got the 22" the first time it came on Woot. I’m pretty happy with it. DEFINITELY get a DVI cable though. It comes with a VGA that doesn’t cut the mustard.

VGA cables are pretty horrid unless you’re under 1280x1024. My current monitor is an AOC 22" (1680x1050) which only supports VGA, which is my only complaint about it - the analog cable is so susceptible to electrical interference that I get faint, constant shimmering.

It’s only visible on dark scenes, but it’s the bane of my digital existence.

Darn I missed these again!