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How do these laptops compare?


How does the Philips HD Net Connect box compare to the Roku boxes? It seems like it only streams media from devices on the local network. Does it support Netflix? Does anyone know if Roku boxes support the same features as the Philips? I’m currently leaning towards a Roku box.


Brand new the speakers are only $10 more on amazon


Anyone have advice re: the refurb Asus? I have a Dell laptop that is approaching doorstop status (or window breaker if it tees me off again as bad as it did last night).


Does anyone know if the Asus 15.6" Dual Core laptop is a manufacturer refurb or someone else’s refurb?


I don’t know for sure but it does carry a 90-day Asus warranty.


Anyone have thoughts on how the Grab-And-Go Razer speakers work?


Hint to Woot: Bring back Slingbox!

Friend and I both looking for one. :slight_smile:


Hi Dear Wootmaster TT and the Inks,
I own the xoom, this mouse (I close mine all the way though), and the Motorola keyboard with trackpad. I’ve been really good this year, and seeing as most every other retailer thinks it’s Christmas once again… I’d love a case for my Xoom. A nice cushy one that closes, with a stand, or an otterbox, or really anything that’ll save it from a premature death due to concrete/tile/anger due to breaking my toe again.
Thank you.


I’ll pass your wish on. Thanks!


I have the mouse, and I am not mega fond of it. The thing is very prone to going into powersave mode if it goes without being touched for more than a few seconds, which means that whe I use it on my Macbook Pro I see that damn notification thirty or so times every couple minutes. The response time after it sleeps is noticeably slower than normal, too.


I bought the AUSA last week for one penny less.

It freezes when it wakes from sleep mode,I’ve yet to try shutting off sleep mode, or flashing the latest bios and stuff. The little woman just uses it for flash games and and for 280 it was a great way to keep spyware off my computer. Maybe she sould just shut it down when she’s done using it.


I don’t know about on Macs, but another Wooter posted in the product discussion that there was a setting in Device Manager on Windows to turn off auto disconnect. You might hunt around for that.

Here’s the post.


Does anyone else think that those speakers kind of look like adorable tiny Daleks?


check pm, please.


in the tech.woot.


I want to buy those speakers and decorate them like little Daleks.


I approve of this idea. :slight_smile:


The Philips HD Connect is an entirely different type of device. The Roku is a self-contained media streaming and playing device, while the HD Connect is a wireless HDMI cable. The two are in no way competing products. Trying to compare them is like saying “How does this USB BlueTooth adapter compare to an iPhone?”

The HD Connect allows you to use your TV as a second monitor for your laptop wirelessly, at up to a ten-foot range using a small USB-powered HDMI dongle. You would use it if you wanted to send a picture from your laptop to your TV without getting up. You would not use it to stream Netflix without having a laptop to stream from.