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Does anybody have any experience with these USB powered monitors? Is a USB port really enough to power a monitor reliably? What’s the brightness like? Are there any obvious flaws?


We use USB 3rd monitor set ups at work all the time. We haven’t had any issues with brightness or anything of the like.

I just received this USB monitor from Woot after ordering it a few days ago. It worked with a single USB connection to both a Win 7 laptop and an Asus VivoTab Note 8 (an 8" Windows 8.1 tablet - I did need a micro USB to full USB adapter for the tablet, which I had laying around, they’re only a buck or two on Amazon).

I was expecting my laptop to need the 2nd USB pigtail connected for extra power since the laptop is only USB 2.0, but it did not. The Win8 tablet downloaded the drivers just fine from Windows update (didn’t need to use the CD that came with the monitor). The Win7 laptop was a bit stubborn when installing the drivers from the CD (error message that it couldn’t find a file), but you can easily navigate to the driver folder on the CD and install it manually. The big thing to note is that after you install the driver on a Win7 machine, you have to reboot Win7 to get the monitor to be recognized - and even then Windows update needed to load a 2nd/new AOC monitor driver and needed to be rebooted again before it worked - but it does work GREAT. In fact I just ordered a 2nd one today for my son.

Don’t worry, your reference wasn’t lost on us.

Just a word of warning on “Factory Reconditioned” AOC monitors. I ordered one of the AOC i2367F 23" ICS monitors last week and received it yesterday. The left 1/3 of the screen is pixelated (every other pixel is out) and has horizontal lines rolling up through it. I am running at the recommended resolution of 1920x1080 @60hz. The right side of the screen is fine. The monitor is completely unusable as it is. I contacted woot! support yesterday @2:10pm EDT and have yet to hear anything back from them, other than the standard robo-reply. I also emailed AOC support and received an RMA number from them today. The caveat is that the customer pays the return shipping to send AOC back their defective product. Real nice. After the hassle and cost, I could have purchased a brand-new one from Best Buy and be ahead of the game. Not happy at all with either woot! or AOC.

Apparently according to AOC, “Factory Reconditioned” means simply repackaging defective returns.


Hi Greaseman. I responded to your other post. CS will take care of you. They’re currently at a 1-2 business day response time. I have you on my afternoon report so they can look into your case.

I know TT, I thought it wise to alert others as to the potential pitfalls of ordering any of these AOC “Factory Reconditioned” monitors.

Additionally, I doubt woot!'s CS can or will do anything. Due to their stellar response time, the issue is already in the hands of the manufacturer. In my opinion, you folks dropped the ball on this one and have lost a customer because of it.

Herein lies the problem. If my company had a “1-2 business day response time” I’d not only have fewer repeat clients, but those that I somehow managed to retain would be plenty p!ssed. I’ve been with my company for 30+ years and am currently the Senior VP and CTO and can promise that I fully understand the value of prompt customer service.


Received the I2269VW today and set it up.

Screen looks great. No Pixel issues. Outside of it defaulting the Chinese the included software is useful.

Biggest issue is the monitor is not level. I removed the cover on the back and adjusted it a bit. It’s better but not where I’d like it.

Excuse the noob question, but can the portable AOC monitor be used as a THIRD screen for a windows 7 desktop?

Yep. There’s virtually no limit on number of monitors you can have. You’re likely to run out of USB ports before you hit any technical limitations. If you run multiple monitors via USB, you may eventually use up all of the throughput on that bus (which will likely just slow things down a bit, if it’s noticeable at all).

+1 for the community. Purchased thanks to your advice.

Interesting conclusion…but who am I to question such an esteemed business shark such as yourself!?

…Yet oddly enough here I sit right this very minute…gazing to my slight right into a “Factory Reconditioned” AOC I2757FH 27" 1080p IPS LED Monitor…purchased from this very site.

But WAIT! WHAT’S THIS!?! to my immediate left? somehow ANOTHER “Factory Reconditioned” AOC I2757FH 27" 1080p IPS LED Monitor stands triumphantly - currently a flawless 1080p vision of my current DayZ character laying prone amongst some twigs and leaves deep in a thick forest…how on earth did little old me manage to get THE ONLY TWO THEY’VE EVER FORGOTTEN TO SEND DAMAGED!?!

This second “repackaged return” was purchased months later…again from this very site.

Was it the “30+ years” of shrewd business savvy that brought you to the level-headed conclusion that a multinational corporation with over 10,000 employees around the globe is “simply repackaging defective returns” based on a single defective refurbished display?

I have this very monitor, purchased new several months ago.

In short - it’s nearly flawless. Bright, great viewing angles, and very light. Work fine off a single USB3.0 port for power, and seems very energy efficient. No dead pixels. Very durable. It’s a great item.

The drivers are very well behaved, but make sure you find and install the latest ones. Makes for a better experience.

Cons: picks up fingerprints really easily. The stand is a clever design, but not great for having the monitor stand perfectly straight. It does work in both orientations. The USB3.0 cable is a bit fiddly to plug into the monitor.

I also got a great slip-case with mine, not sure it comes with the refurbs. I’m pleased as punch, and if the refurbs are like the as-new version, this is a steal.

Just wait a day and if woot takes the panel back…cancel the RMA. How hard is that?

sorry for your frustration that’s a bummer

I was hoping comments about “repackaging defective returns” wouldn’t affect more than a few people but after buying and plugging in the AOC Q2963Pm-B 29" 21:9 monitor, there is an area in the top center that is always red. This happens when nothing is plugged in to the monitor (but also happens when it is hooked up to a computer).

It’s unfortunate because other than receiving a defective monitor, I like it. The 21:9 is really neat and I think would work well with my workflow. Woot CS has been contacted and hopefully they can resolve this issue.

Has anyone bought this monitor and not received a cable so they can actually use it?

I’ve contacted customer service but they still haven’t responded.

Seems a bit daft to sell a monitor without any way to actually use it.

Well I don’t see that a cable was listed in the “In the box” section.

Have you contacted AOC? Your warranty is with them and if you were supposed to get a cable, they’ll be the ones that can help you. We don’t have parts like that.

Sorry for assuming I’d be able to use the monitor out of the box…