Con-Cret Shaker Bundles

Same product available on Amazon for $19.99 plus free shipping

When you add $5 shipping on Woot, it’s expensive than what Amazon has to offer.

If you are only buying 1 it is a couple of bucks cheaper. But if you buy more than 1 or buy something else in the same shipment you come out ahead.

For some reason, that shaker looks like its convenient and inconvenient at the same time. Sure, it has a couple compartments so that I don’t have to go get my supplements from the closet. However, now I can’t throw the shaker in the dishwasher so that it gets really clean. Washing by hand would be a bit of a pain since you have to be careful to not get any water into the compartments.

I have used Con-Cret a couple times and I like it. Though it is so much more money than just a plain German Creatine. You are paying the extra money for corn sugar thats added to speed up the onset. You get the same effect if you mix your cheap Creatine with apple, cranberry or grape juice. The shaker cup is nice but I would save your money and buy a nice $15 100 serving Creatine and a bigger shaker cup with storage in the bottom.

Excellent point. That is why I like the shakers with the detachable bottom for supps.

Great shaker. Sturdy, cleans real well, and has compartments for your supps. The shaker alone is worth the price, the supps on the other hand - are just bonus.