Conair 20-Piece Haircut Kit

TONS of comments for this when it was offered in March

**Item: **Conair 20-Piece Haircut Kit
Price: $17.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
4/3/2013 - $19.99 - 19 comment(s)

5/21/2013 - $18.00 (Woot Plus)

Previous comment notes: Not good for longer hair, and some negative feedback for the battery life.

Are these good for thick shafted curly hair? And do they nick sensitive skin that’s loosely hanging?


Based on the previous comments I’ll translate the description:

than no motor at all…

In other words:

In addition, it seems they cannot fully run off AC, so if you want to use them but find that the battery is dead you’re out of luck. That would be a deal-breaker for many people even without the clippers reportedly being under-powered.
Or were the previous comments based on a slightly different model? Usually products that say things like “corded/cordless” are able to run at full speed when plugged in even if the battery is dead, but there was more than one comment claiming that wasn’t the case here.

One has to stay groomed on the underside. :wink:

I bought either the same or very similar model at Amazon last week- the instruction booklet does indeed say if the battery is completely dead you need to charge it “for a few minutes” before it will work in corded mode. It is not specific how long that really means.

Costco sells a better kit (made by Wahl) for $29.99.

BJ’s also has a 27-pc Chrome Hair Clipper set made by Wahl… AND if you’re a member & get BJ’s coupon book in the mail look for the coupon about halfway thru, it’s on sale for $23.99! If you don’t have the coupon book, ask the courtesy desk. Sale ends on 6/9.

Go with the Wahl - the Conair gets bogged down and barely cuts hair. Thought I’d get a cordless 3 months ago off Woot and still trying to get Conair to admit it’s junk and give me a refund or one that works.

13.77 @ Walmart

Just bought a set of conair clippers… Very dissapointed, kept jamming with the slightest amount of hair. Never had such an experience with any other clippers, any other pair has to be better than these. Try another brand/set

This doesn’t look bad, but I prefer Wahl brand over ConAir. I cut my own hair, and I’ve had my Wahl for a long time. Requires occasional maintenance, but it always works great.

Also, these are NOT for your private parts. However, you probably can use these clippers with no attachment as a beard trimmer (I did for a long time). Bewarned that as a beard trimmer, if something happens to the blade, it can cut you if you’re not careful.