Conair 20-Piece Haircut Kit

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Previous comment notes: Not good for longer hair, and some negative feedback for the battery life.

**Item: **Conair 20-Piece Haircut Kit
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I actually use something very similar to this to shave my face as I like having a bit a stubble. At this price, I think I will need to try this out.

If this is the only thing you intent to buy from Woot today, this other Conair on amazon looks like a better deal to me at $19 with Prime. 22 piece and 60 min of battery life.

Pretty good deal for this! I’ve been using these clippers for years to cut my son’s hair as well as my husband’s hair. Having the option for cordless is a great feature too! All for the price you’d pay for one haircut in CA…

I have actually used both, the one offered in the sale and the one on that Amazon link. The Amazon one is missing the power boost button otherwise they are identical. My opinion is get the power boost one. It makes a huge difference in thick hair and explains why the Amazon one has a longer run time. You will only get about 20 minutes out of either of them new but when the battery dies you can still plug in the cord and use it as a corded clipper. In less than a year the battery life will be down to minutes but even using it corded is better than any $50 corded clippers I have tried.

I’ve been cutting my own hair for about a year now…#5 on top and #2 on the sides with my wife usually checking the back to make sure it’s all cut evenly and not all jacked up lol. Was difficult to get over cutting my own hair, and screwing it up but after a couple months cutting it every 3 weeks or so, it got easy. Save a good amount not having to go to somewhere, even the cheapy places, along with tip. And even better is I can do it anytime I feel the need and don’t have to make appointments or sit and wait.

I’ve used a corded clipper I got on some other woot deal a year ago and figured this would be nice to try, without the cord and all. It did work ok but the “turbo” button (or whatever it’s called) is pretty much needed all the time (for me at least) and there is no way to keep it on without pushing the button. I assume this wouldn’t be much of a problem doing other peoples hair, although still annoying, but it makes it pretty hard to push the button while trying to trim your own hair. I ended up just going back to my corded trimmer because it was quicker and easier.

This is cheap though so worth it just for a backup.

bought this a month ago from here, few dollars more - works great. totally worth it

I’ve used one of these for around a year to cut a friend’s hair. I regularly use a Wahl corded pair of clippers for my own hair, and I say STAY AWAY FROM CORDLESS. They are under-powered and tend to get caught and pull hair at least a couple times each use. If you take it slow, it’s not as bad though. Also, once the battery starts dying (his Conair started losing it’s potential after the second use), you have to keep it plugged in to use anyways. You’re better off getting a corded model, as the cord is more robust and longer.

This does not seem like a special price. There is a similar set at Walmart here.

Or you can get a 10 piece set with less guards for $9.97. The shipping really kills this deal.

That one doesn’t have the “turbo” button though.

To use the turbo, must the button be held in place? Or does the turbo have a switch?

That’s the make it or break it point for me.

I bought this item on August 2nd, 2013 and it has still not shipped. I contacted Fed-ex and they told me they never received the package from woot. On my woot account page it says the item has already shipped… which it obviously hasn’t… can someone from woot help me with this? It’s impossible to talk with anyone in this company by phone…

Sorry for the delay. Please email for assistance.