Conair Deluxe Hydro Bath Spa



The lowest price on Froogle is $35. Looks like a mediocre woot to me, but anyone interested in this might save a buck or three.


Conair Deluxe Hydro Bath Spa
$19.99+ $5 shipping

1 Conair Deluxe Hydro Bath Spa BTS2SD


nice I have one and its sweet


love the discription for the ladies


Some pricing links… $59.99



“Electrical cord length: 16"”

Plenty long enough to kill you with…honestly is woot trying to kill us?



The description today actually made me laugh for the first time in a long time. Well done, woot. Well done


Buy it, for the description if nothing else!


I am NOT getting one for my g/f…


What on earth is this and how does it work? Good night, Woot. Bring on the Bavarian Orange Convertibles!


Um, uh. . . wow, you know, I’m really not sure what to say about this one.
Though it appears to be up to $80 on Froogle retail (excluding eBay), so its at least a good deal.


Ummm… with this shape I’m glad it’s not a refurb (eek!)


It doesn’t seem like a good/safe idea to me. Electricity + water = bathtub of pain


so you plug this into the wall then you put it your bath with you???



“straight shaft with two spherical fluid reservoirs at its base” Uhhhh…ok


I could never sleep knowing this is in my bathroom. What if it comes to life in the middle of the night and gets me.

No thanks, woot.
No. thank. you. period.


We’re sure there’s a very good engineering-type reason for the Conair Deluxe Hydro Bath Spa’s rather, er, distinctive shape. Yes, that long, straight shaft with two spherical fluid reservoirs at its base – seems pretty structurally sound.



Warm jacuzzi bath right before I take my home drug test

woot woot


So … the electrical cord length is 16".

Good thing I have an outlet in my tub.