Conair Rotary Hair Cut Cutting System

The longest setting is only 1/2 inch. Try combing that!

I have been cutting my own hair with some Andis clippers I got on clearance at Wally World for about 30 years. I don’t think that this would actually make it any easier. In fact it since you will still have to clean things up with clippers it will be more of a hassle and you will have two things to clean hair out of. You can get some very good quality clippers for less than this so it is not for me.

The “combs” are the two attachments they provide to give the different lengths. And it is advertised as a “short style” clipper.

I’ve been using clippers to cut my own hair with the #2 or #3 attachment. It’s a little challenging and makes a mess. I’ve been looking to buy a Flowbee on eBay but they’re selling for over $200 now.

I think this rotary system will at least make it easier for me to cut my own hair. I could buy the older model on eBay for around $50 but the lithium battery and lock-in comb guide lured me to buy this. :haircut_man:

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Robocut wasnt as good in my book. I bought one when my first flowbee was getting old and it practically ripped my hair out. Blades were no where near as sharp

By the looks of the video on the Conair website:

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I pad $50 for my flowbee. I’m surprised they are so expensive. However I did a search and there are news items saying that the sales are thru the roof due to Wuhan. Wait till the smoke clears. It will beck down to $50. It’s really better than clippers. No mess.

I recommend the Remington “Short Cut Pro Self-Haircut System” it’s a wider and curved version of the traditional clippers. I’ve been using it the past three years or so and doing self haircuts for over twenty years and it’s the easiest one I’ve used so far.

Is the curved contour suitable for pinheads though?