Concept 8” Granite Mortar & Pestle

This is on Woot often enough that people must buy it. I’m curious, what do you actually use it for? A cool looking ash tray?

Alright WOOT! Lets do this!

Grab it! It was $22 last time.

edit: Lies! It was the same price.

You can grind garlic and other condiments together.

Ah, I immediately jump to apothecary, I didn’t think for cooking. I guess it make sense for those gourmet chefs out there.

Maybe it’s for the oft-forgotten high-fashion meth labs. “We like to think that though it costs more than a 2-litre bottle on an interstate, our customers appreciate the verve, the flair, the je-ne-sais-boom we bring to making Smak”

You can crush bacon to bits with it.

Better call Saul! Walter White wanted for meth production in Alabama (cops have nabbed him since this article posted yesterday)

We needed one of these and this is a good price. Starting the woot-off off right!

Fine homemade guacamole fits nicely into a paleo/keto/low-carb lifestyle. Just dip hamburger sliders instead of chips.

I bought this in my sleep… Woke up, checked iPod, saw Woot-off, hit buy, went back to sleep!!