Concerts will never be the same

In before the ‘there’s an app for that’ jokes.

Related: I wish there was an app to make Chris’ toucan shirt print tomorrow.


Pfft. Everyone’s doing the phone lighter thing these days. I’m so meta, my phone has a picture of another phone with a picture of a lighter on it.

I want my MTV

Congratulations to Tjost, but where oh where are Chris’ Toucan and Mark’s leaping gold fish???

Power ballad time! “Every rose has its thorn. Just like every night has its dawn…”

Thats two first suckers in the past three days! This is a fantastic!

My lighter has a flame in the shape of a phone.

Ha! I have this app.

Look at the facial expression on that lighter. You can tell that he, like many of his generation, has realized that his rebellious days are behind him.

Wondering which will last longer. The battery or the lighter fluid?

This is the type of design that asphalt-colored T-shirts were made for.

I have that app.

If this weren’t an image of the ifail, I’d be in for at least one

The lighter is just mad that (s)he’s not a fancy Zippo. clink! shoonk!

What a great way to drive pyromaniacs… well, crazy. Is that redundant?

Ask and ye shall recieve: there’s an app for that.

Hmm, that one might be harder…but maybe try this, this, or this?

To show appreciation and approval. The crowd looks quite dark from up on stage, so the flames are waved to show the band that they are having a good time. The practice began during Bob Dylan and the Band’s world tour in the early 70s. These shows were released as “Down in the Flood.” The lighter waving is the cover of the album. Leonard Cohen asked the audience to hold up lighted matches at his 1970 Isle of Wight Concert as documented in the DVD of that concert.

Thank you, WikiAnswers!

I have that app… on both my iPhone and iPad.

With the iPad, you can get a REALLLY big lighter.