Concord Banjo + Fry Pot Bundle

Concord Banjo + Fry Pot Bundle

“Yup. This is a propane accessory.” ~Hank Hill, Assistant Manager of Strickland Propane (Arlen, TX)


Is this what I should use to get on one of those Allstate commercials next thanksgiving when I burn my house down trying to fry a frozen turkey?

When I saw the words
“banjo” and “pot” bundle

I thought it was a start your own redneck jug band kit…


Is this the running price for :turkey: fryers nowadays? Even taken inflation into account, I don’t recall spending anywhere near this amount of cheddar for ours 15 years or so ago.

PS - never cooked a turkey in it, lol. Solely used for lobsters, corn and steamers.

These are one of the best, cheapest, homebrewing starter kits available.

In that realm, the most expensive materials are typically the pot and burner - and they can cost hundreds. Here, you get very high quality, at a relative bargain.

All you need thereafter to make beer are; a fermenter (carboy), airlock, some tubing (and transfer pump if you’re so inclined), a bottling bucket, bottles, and ingredients (malt, hops, yeast).

Obviously there’s more necessary for a truly efficient, comprehensive setup. But this is a great way to start making 5-10 gallon batches, fairly quickly.


I did this 20+ years ago. My stainless turkey fryer has brewed a lot of beer and cooked 0 turkeys.


Same here!

Though eventually, I did upgrade my gear, and now use my old turkey frying pot for lobsters. :joy: