Congratulations to Cruzer & GEG!

Opening this thread early because I know the wedding isn’t until tomorrow but doubt you’ll be online during it or after it for a while. :wink:

May you both love each other more fifty years from now when you look into each others eyes and know that person so much better.
Cherish tomorrow, each other and your future together and someday you’ll wonder how all the years went by so fast. :slight_smile:

I just hope she doesn’t realize what she is doing and dump cruzer between now and then!

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish you the best on your wedding day, and I’m sure it will go wonderfully! And the best for all the rest of the days too!


Congrats…may this be the first of many happiest days in your lives together.

yeah, what everybody else said. or will say.

Pre-congratulations on your nuptials. I hear Cruzer isn’t allowed to wear white.

Congrats. One of you are getting the better deal. May you both think it is you.

Congrats you two. Remember that tomorrow is for you. Enjoy it!

Our little boy. sniff Be happy.


Congratulations to Cruzer and GEG!!! I wish you a beautiful day and a lifetime of love and memories!

I’m tempted to say something really mean, and then blame no1 for saying it too.

But I won’t.

Happy wedding day.

I wonder how well they will sleep tonight?

Think we will get pictures?
Geeze, we got pictures of every step of building the house.

He didn’t do a very good job on the wedding blog.
How do we keep this near the top until they get back? Just keep track of it and in two weeks bump it?

Or bump it every day.

Highjack it, like we hijack everything else.

(ok, both spellings came up with the same definition on the dictionary )

Or maybe let it sink and then find it when he gets back.

Congrats on your big day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

Congrats to the both of you. May it be but the beginning of a long and happy marriage.

Or I can bookmark it and read it when I get back. :happy:

It’s my wedding day! t-16ish.

W t h are you doing here? Get to sleep, you are getting married in the morning!