Congratulations Wonderstew!


I want to join with the woot! community in offering congratulations to our very own Wonderstew! Have a great getaway weekend.





Does he ever come back here?

I want at least a posted picture of something when you come back Wonderjoel!

Doesn’t have to be a person.


Such as:


I’d at least like to know where they went. I don’t think it was ever said, was it?

And congratulations.

BTW, your daughter’s a real cutie.


I don’t think they went anywhere yet, they just won.


I know, and I don’t expect him to tell us where they’re going. That might not be a good idea. But he can tell us when they get back.


It’s not safe to tell us where you’re going, we might show up!



congrats stew. Have fun.


Congrats 'stew! Have fun!


Enjoy life stew be good.


Sure there is! When you’re too distracted by other things, some of us do better at the chop contests. Then again, by entering, I think you induce the rest of us to do better work.


uhm . . . What did he win?


We have been voting for him to win the most romantic couple contest at ChristopherWilliamJewelers. He won a weekend getaway, i don’t remember if there is any other part to the prize.


Oh; thanks.


Congrats… have fun, and be sure to take lots of pictures!


Congratulations. Glad to add my vote(s).
Yes, lots of pictures.


Just got back into town and an Internet connection. Congrats Joel & Melissa! I’m glad that we were able to help you out with this one! Enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:


Double those congratulations from our little corner of the world :slight_smile: