Connect the disconnected comments

It is GREAT that forums are available in the Woot app now, and it’s furtherly awesome that items in the app are directly linked to their thread in the forums.

Someone forgot to flip the switch to link items on the website to their threads in the forums. I’m sure it’s that easy, right? Everything I want must be really easy.

Wait, is that not working for you? It works for me. Are you on Android or iOS?

It works fine in the app, but there’s no link to the product discussion on the website.

Mobile web or desktop? I see links to them on both. Is there a particular sale you’re not seeing it on?



It started showing up yesterday, but had not shown up before then.

Weird. Any add-ons on your browser?

After a design moves out of a side sale, and into catalog or into the top 20, I’m noticing the discussion links are either missing, or it says linked page can’t be found/is private. I can still find the thread in the forums (sometimes) but that’s not ideal. On iPad and pc I see no links to comments. On phone I see join discussion but links aren’t found.

Im only seeing discussion for current daily and side sale designs.

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Let me look into it. Thank you for the feedback. It’s not a fast fix so be patient.

Sure no rush just pointing it out in case it hadn’t been noticed! Thanks

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