Connect3D 512MB SD Card – 2-Pack



wtf, the post was before the picture appeared on the homepage

I can only think of 1 use, Cisco rack servers who need mysql databases backed up. Using this for a digital camera would be useless at anything over 2mp!


Good price, where I work these retail at over $10 each…


Amazon, Froogle and PriceGrabber Links

I wish I had the funding, tonight. I’m planning on building a new chompy here soon, so I gotta save! :frowning:


The blog is actually showing a $5.99 price… if that’s true for 2 I’m in.


April 23, 2007… the day of the non-existent woot


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered. Tonight it was not even available on the main page.

Connect3D 512MB SD Card – 2-Pack
$5.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Connect3D 512MB SD Card


Has anyone heard of Connect? Know anything about them?


I don’t need it. Unless it’s a killer deal, but then it’s still a little small for my taste (the storage area, not the actual card… although the card is small too)

Ooh, it’s $6? Ok, good woot. Still, though, my crap camera only takes Memory Stick–lol


Got Mine


How are people buying these? (at least it shows a first wooter for me)


me 2 4 3… I was thinking Wootoff was the reason for the loading problem… these will fly away! perfect for the 2 refurb sandisk players I got for the Bro & wife for .mp3’s


kinda!? it is cheap but they are only 512mb


Click “I want one” on the blog…


well, bought one of these a while ago at best buy. It is what it is. SD is meh, but the price is pretty darn good compared to what I paid at the time.


buy it through the Blog link

I did


$5.99 each, viewable here:


okay, its not coming up for me…
but this is complely lame.
I get 2 gb sd cards from microcenter near me for 16$ each. every day.
they had them on sale for 13. and they have the 1gb for 11 every day.
if these were flash drives it might be okay. flash drives make good gifts.
… but sd cards? give me a break.


The Blog States:

Connect3D 512MB SD Card – 2-Pack
by Wootbot 12:00 AM

Two Connect 3D SD cards, locked in an eternal struggle for supremacy. One comes armed with 512MB of memory, cryptographic security, a write-prevention switch, and an operating shock rating of 2,000 Gs. The other wields exactly the same weapons.

Only one can emerge triumphant. The other must die. The stage is set for a high-stakes clash of epic proportions. But since neither combatant has any means of attack or propulsion, it will be very, very boring to watch. Each card can only hope that the other is destroyed by natural decay, or in some sort of accident. This could take a while.

In the meantime, you can use these two Connect3D SD Cards to add memory to devices like digital cameras, MP3 players, or PDAs, or to transfer data from one computer to another. By temperament, they’re extremely belligerent and combative. But don’t worry: it’s not like they can do anything about it.


You can purchase from there.


Oops, thanks for pointing that out. Didn’t notice it!