Conquer The Outdoors

HI Wooters, let us know if we can help with any questions about Yukon Product!

I was excited to see Conquer The Outdoors and then I saw there was no cheap orange or green Kelty back packs. Oh well maybe next time.

Will the SIG Sauer CP1 stand up to the recoil of an AR10 (LR-308)?

What size is it when it’s all packed up in it’s bag? I bought a 2 man Kelty thinking it would pack small but the poles are so long there is now way to pack it small.


Is the Walkabout rainfly here? Missed it last time. When will it be offered again?


For what it’s worth, I have the Yukon Outfitters hammock, the torrent dry bag set, and their water resistant Bighorn Dry Duffle bag (the duffle is not being sold here). All great gear for great prices! (Caveat: I haven’t actually used the dry bag set yet, but by their feel and appearance, I trust they will be great.) I have also given the hammock and dry bags as gifts and they were well appreciated.

I’ve got the double hammock and the mosquito net hammock. While comfortable for a little lounging, I found the mosquito hammock too short to be comfortable overnight. I couldn’t get a decent, flat lay without calf ridge issues. The double has worked well for me, though.

Hi… the rainfly isn’t’ here but we hear a rumor that it’ll be back around sometime in the near future :slight_smile:

Hi there. There is a real revolution happening right now in camping with more and more people using hammocks vs. tents for just the reason you described. The Mosquito packs up to be 7.5" long and about 5.5-6" wide with a depth of 3". Keep in mind this is soft material, so you can pack/squish to make a bit smaller from these dimensions. It weighs at 3lbs.

The Double hammock has packed dimensions of 8.5" long, 6" wide and a depth of 2.5-3" while weighing in at a little over 3lbs.

The Made in USA freedom hammock will pack to be 3.5" long, 3.5" wide and a depth of 3" and weighs just over half a pound.

As a proud Sig owner I know Sig is very proud of their brand which makes me nervous that the Sig scope doesn’t seem to have the Sig name on it anywhere.

I’ll probably buy it anyway because of the price, and my New Sig 516 needs some optics.

Who are your wholesale distributors? I want to start selling your stuff in my shop!