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He’s found land! Wilson, he’s found… ooh wait…

Is that a flag pole or a bendy straw?

That’s one small step for Squirrel. One giant leap for Rodentkind.

Could SOMEONE please fix the ad coding so that it doesn’t cover part of the pop out bigger shirt picture please?

I hope that squirrel knows a good dentist

That squirrel’s nuts!


I can’t figure out if this shirt makes me want to go hunting or bowling.

Why did the squirrel cross the road?

Because he was stapled to the chicken!!

I think that’s an ancient Egyptian squirrel. They practiced barbaric customs along those lines in their time.

I think I would be more interested in this design without the anthropomorphic coconut.

That poor fuzzy bowling ball! Why did the squirrel claim it for its own?

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

When you click on the shirt? It’s fine for me in FF & IE8.

…it could be an African squirrel.

I think if I was that squirrel…I’d be a little more excited.

It would appear as though the squirrel is skilled in the practice of trepanning.

That squirrel is in for a surprise when it realizes that the coconut is alive. And it’s angry.

Oh, give the squirrel a break, would ya? They rarely get a chance at total domination in this world (aside from gluttonous campus squirrels, of course).