Consider Yourself Warned

Nice shirt. I think I might like it a tiny bit better without the “consider yourself warned” tagline.

All Bozos and Bozoettes, please buy this shirt and line up against the big blue Wall of Science. Thank you.

This is the first shirt I’ve bought since they jacked up the price and switched to shirts that aren’t made in the USA.

And I for one think it’s great with the “consider yourself warned” line. That just totally makes it for me. SO GREAT.

I love the blend of ancient menace (t-rex) with modern menace (iconography of atomic explosions).

Congratulations on the win and print, Patrick! I believe the atomic t-rex is telling the current Reckoning shirts that they should consider themselves warned!

I don’t understand. Is “science” getting warned by a laser breathing dinosaur, or are we being warned about science?

It’s 1955 not 1995. If you’re going to paraphrase a movie, at least get the year right. Nobody was singing Mr Sandman in 1995.

Maybe it was a jab at the current trend of Hollywood reboots. A teenager from 2012 going back to 1995 would experience a comparable culture shock to one traveling from 1985 to 1955 in terms of … the progression of science.

Writing! Consider yourself warned.

!!! I wish I could wear this with my I “atomic orbital heart” science woot shirt. Well I could but I’d be covering one shirt with the other and that would defeat the point of wearing the covered one…

I am both enthused and annoyed this printed.

Enthused because this design is freakin’ amazing and I love it and I wanted this one to print so much my eyes literally got wider with delight when I saw the post announcing this on facebook.

Annoyed because now I have to pay sales tax on Amazon based orders and this is the first shirt I’ve wanted badly enough to finally break down and give stupid CA MORE tax money.

I would have bought this as just a dinosaur with laser. The squared out background and text ruins it for me

I agree with all above, the text kills it. I could have lived with even the squared background. All i can hope for is that eventually they might even have a shirt or two tailored toward anyone over the age of 19. Teefury has taken a plunge too recently with original/wearable stuff. Lots of chuckles at a picture and title, like i did this shirt, but nothing id buy much less wear.

I think the mushroom cloud is from an ancient menace – giant space asteroids of death. Ask a dinosaur how that went.

If you’re just looking for a dinosaur firing a laser with no text, I’d think this fits the bill nicely (well, the hoodie version, anyways. t-shirt seems to be sold out for now).

Seriously though, I realize that this is the internet and every single idea has been had by somebody else already, but the similarity between the shirts is a bit off-putting.

I’m a scientist, and I approve this message.

Weigh the force of the Threadless price, mon!

Hey, wheres the man-eating shark with the laser beam. I see, He’s riding the tyrannosaur.

The design is cool and all, but I wish that it glowed in the dark in spots.

Oh yeah, I mean if you think rainbows are lasers.


Gah, additional text tends to be the HEY DID YOU GET IT??? of shirts. I think in this case it’s worse, because it goes from ATOMIC LASER DINOSAUR, AWESOME! to ATOMIC LASER DINOSAUR, TOTALLY NOT AWESOME!

Anyway, clearly this color should be “slated for destruction”.