Contact Shirt Artist for customization?

Hi There,

There is a shirt currently in WOOT! that with a small modification it would be so great for our company employees… We are a company that makes water treatment plants… is there a way to contact a particular artist? Is it allowed? Not sure if they would be interested or how this would work (does it go through WOOT!, etc). This is the “by” person for the shirt we’re interested in: @jewelwing

It would just be really great, if the artist is up for it, to give them business and get something cool for us…

I’m not staff and I cannot speak on behalf of Woot, but from what I understand, printing rights for older designs are exclusive to shirt.woot, so those cannot be used directly.

Shirt.woot artists are independent, though, so you can contact the artist directly for an art commission. This is not against any rules.

Thanks! Is there any way to figure out who they are on the site, or is it really figure it out outside of Woot!.

The artist’s name is their username too, so in this case, you’ll be messaging Jewelwing. Alternatively, she has her own site:

That’s Fantastic… Thank you for your help!

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