Contest #65: Shirt as Costume

The Derby #65 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these **rules for rejection ** compiled by derekfilley anyway.You should also look at this help thread by tgentry.

This derby has an INCIDENTAL TEXT RULE. That means non-focal point text is allowed; no slogan shirts. If it’s the main part of your design you may want to reconsider. The rule was created to allow things like numbers on a clock or text on signs. Ya know, incidental stuff. This rule is also called the STOP SIGN RULE.

you know I really think this one can be fun.

this would be the perfect time to introduce a pink shirt for fairy costumes…

Hope so!

Derby artists don’t fa**il me, I need a good shirt for my work’s Halloween party…

are they printing hoodies? isn’t the mask the whole costume. 500 head-less horsemen?

expect about 50 orange shirts with Jack-o-Lantern faces on them.

…or purple. :wink:

goes off looking for something clever

duct tape man!

this is challenging given the print area… I keep thinking of fake collars or objects that appear to go around the body. A costume comfined to a rectangle on one’s chest hmm…

I’d like to do wings on the back, but I wonder how many people are already thinking of that…

I AM IRONMAN… DUUonnnn DUUUUUUon,da da dadada dadadadadada da dadadaaaaaaaa.

I’d say about 60% as we’ve seen designs like that in several previous derbies.

yea I thought of that, think it would look something like that powered by plutonium shirt

Radioactive person: x-ray of their insides for all the world to see…

Too many similar shirts exist.

hey someone should make an alien coming out of your stomach shirt, I’d do it but i cant draw realistically so it wouldn’t look right. feel free to use the idea

I’m a first timer here(and I’ve read the rules, official and unofficial!), but I’ve been watching for a little while so I hope this question isn’t horribly idiotic…

Are we allowed to include the back of the t-shirt as well when designing?

I saw an earlier comment about fairy wings and how a lot of people had tried to incorporate that into designs in the past, but I’ve not seen those as I’ve only been watching this site casually for a couple of months…

Woot will print on only one side of the shirt, but you can pick the front or the back. So far, though, no back print has ever won a derby or been printed.