Contest #65: Shirt as Costume

Oh, thank you! :slight_smile: I was wondering if it was both sides or just one or the other. I appreciate the help.

mainly because of their Size Requirements.

You know, I think I’m going to skip this one.

Ditto, unless something REALLY jumps out at me.

Aww, we can’t lose all of our good designers. That’ll leave us with a bunch of shlock to try to choose from.

I dunno, but I personally encourage it because even though wings-on-the-back designs have been submitted before, one has never won…and I really want one! l o l

they are bluffing.

I actually have an idea for this one! Time to pull out Ye Olde Graphics Program.

Nice to know that if you aren’t one of the usual five designers that wins every week you are considered shlocky. I love woot, but sometimes I feel like I’m back in middle school again.

I’ve come up with another idea, so if I even have time to do one, I’m going to do it. If I have two, I’ll take a stab at wings, too. But I doubt even the one will make it since I’m just as hectic this week as last week…

Ya, I’ve seen a lot of wings on the back of shirts but I haven’t seen any REALLY nice wings. It’ll come down to the details for a design like this IMO

Prove her wrong.

The fact is that there are designers that do great work most often, designers that do ok work most often, and designers that do horrible work most often, and the lower you go, the more designers fit the category. As such, many designers give us a lot of schlock. If people like Sokowa and Infinity seem to be praised as above it because of their names, it is because both have proven to the voter that they are above the masses skill-wise. It isn’t to say everyone else is bad, but losing a couple good designers does open the floodgates for the worse ones to move up the ranks.

Add to that a very tacky theme, and I don’t see an incorrect statement. Without good designers, popular or not, we will see PLENTY of schlock this week, and even with them, it’ll be hard to get some seriously great content.

I’m doing this derby. Because I’m in love with Halloween. Also, I am a banana.

Here’s some shlock…

Nice office reference. :slight_smile:

I want a pink shirt for a Breast Cancer Awareness costume! All pink on Halloween! That’s me!

I agree with you for the most part. The reason some designers are popular is because they are very consistent with submitting great work. True. I’m in no way trying to be catty or put any designers down. I buy a lot of these very creative and well done shirts after all. I just think that there are those out there who often look at the names of the designers first and then the design second and don’t even bother with anybody else. And yes…there is a great deal of bad stuff out there. What I oppose is the very cliquey vibe that’s out there at times. I just hope for people to be open-minded and set a better tone. There have been a lot of nasty comments and discussions lately and I hope to see a more positive vibe. And yes…this is going to be a rough derby…

Needs blue ruler lines