Contest for the artistically/technically challenged


How about a contest other than one that favors the Photoshop, digital camera, handdrawn-scrawl crowd? I’m talking words or concepts that ring true to the Woot ethos and contest specifics. C’mon woot, give the wordsmiths a chance!


There already was one…we had a Haiku challenge not too long ago. To me, when there is a lot of text entries to read through, half of them being bad, it bores me. You should break out your “Paint” program and give it a whirl.


How about a grossest poo contest? Everyone can make a masterpiece of a grunt sculpture.

Then again, go sit on your glaive.


Too many entries because it’s too easy to make a minimally-qualifying haiku. The more difficult the task, the fewer the entries. Off the top of my head, a few ideas for more challenging word-based contests:

Short stories
Crossword puzzles (create them and/or solve them)

and a hybrid:

4-panel comic strips (great artistic skill not required!)


How about EPIC POEMS? Yeah, you’re right, that is a horrible idea. Who thought up that one? Oh, darn…


How about all the literary folks read all about photoshop & practice it. [;)]


I like the limerick idea; not because I could write one, but I’d enjoy reading them.


How about one graphic entry per contestant instead of the multiple entries we sometimes see.

And you can’t say all of the “entries” in a contest like #47 (combine two Woot-Offs) were actually worth the time it took to scroll by them.

Or the endlessly quoted images with some valuable insight like “sweet” or “nice one”.

Visual diarrhea is a pretty good analogy.


poof, is there a word for this? i’ve heard of logorrhea… is there an equivalent form for this?


I don’t think so, not that I’ve heard of. There’s a “rrhea” for fluids running from most of the other body orifices, but not the eyes.


“sensoria” - plural form for the part of the brain that receives and coordinates all the stimuli conveyed to various sensory centers (not a “-rrhea” but close)

Don’t get me wrong - the photoshop contest is what immediately drew me to Woot as something unique. Just thought a brainstorm on other compelling contests might be worthy.

How about…

  • Podcast audio entries for the ADHD crowd, 20 seconds or less with synopsis?
  • Short slogans for the unsellable, often repeated items?
  • Video mashups for Woot’s first TV commercial?
  • One or two sentence business proposals for Woot spin-offs?


Ew, wash that glaive.




how about an ad scripted for a Superbowl display…like about 15 seconds long? pictures and dialog?


That’s what I’m talking about! Yeah, a storyboard or freeze frames with dialog and description, music cues, sound effects…Good one!